Report on the conclusions of the Task Force on Barnard and the Educated Woman, with edits, 1971, page 14

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women within reach of the center's influence. Also many of
these same alumnae now stand in need of help against economic,
professional, psychological and legal pressures -- as well as
aid in raising their own consciousness of their PDEEHH-5193 as

In all these ways a Women's Center will, we hope, be a most
effective tool to bind alumnae in meaningful ways to their
college and the cause of their sex.

All the evidence points to the need of a great many women for
help in resolving the social and psychological conflicts in which
they find themselves engaged at different times ip/their lives.
They" want 'to to l'ea'rn'how tomfindnew directions as each established
life pattern loses its validity -- how to resolve generational
tensions within their families -- how best to use their talents
and training without neglecting important home responsibilities,
as well as how to accept the fact of their own needs as people
in the face of those responsibilities. They need support in their
struggles against professional and economic discrimination, and
the know—how to deal most effedtively with such situations. Any

number of basic life conflicts ‘that we all must meet and cope with