Report on the conclusions of the Task Force on Barnard and the Educated Woman, with edits, 1971, page 13

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1|) A second kind of fellowship program might be developed
to use Barnard's library about women, to bring interesting
people to the campus, and to encourage the intellectual and
creative accomplishments of women.

Two kinds of women acutely need financial aid: (i) Those
doing work on the post-doctoral level; and (ii) those doing
community work relevant to women, such as abortion law refonn
Far fewer fellowships are available to women on the post doctoral
than on the pre-doctoral leveL

As this outline indicates, the role of our alumnae in these
projects will be enormously important, both as contributors to
and recipients of the services of the center. These 16,000
women will constitute one of its richest resources -- an enormously
valuable pool of talents, training, energies, experience, career
vicissitudes and human wisdom. In one way or another, some of them
have met and overcome -- or fallen victim to -~ just about every

possible challenge, discrimination, obstacle, opportunity and


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