Report on the conclusions of the Task Force on Barnard and the Educated Woman, with edits, 1971, page 11

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a request frivolous, but depriving students of this training
hampers them and signifies an outmoded notion of women's nature.
Another possible direction is encouragement of athletic teams,
on both the intercollegiate and intramural level. The teams, where
appvopriate, might include graduate students and alumnae. They
would help to develop in women a competitive energy often left
Academic Projects
1) The Women's Center could sponsor a permanent series of
seminars on Women and Society, of varying format but with three
major concerns:
‘ a) Immediate political issues of concern to women, such
as the Equal Rights Amendment, which calls for objective analysis;
1:) Immediate personal issues of concern to women, such
as the conflict between career and .marriage, which call for mutual
analysis. For example, women in New York on the staffs of foundations,
unions, hospitals might be invited to discuss ways in which women
can Vbe trained to take on postions of leadership;

c) Long—range academic questions about the study of women,