Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Florence Howe, November 17, 1971

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cc: Roberta Salper, 65 Second Avenue, New York City Elaine Showalter, Department of English, Douglass College Sheila Tobias, Associate Provost, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn 06457 Carol Ohmann, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn 06457

P.S. I am sending copies to Carol Ohmann and Sheila‘ Tobias to start getting the word around.

17 levefier 1971

Prof. Ilotenee Hove Depertnent oi Buenitiee 3111!! at Old Heethsy Ild Heetbnty, lieu York

Dee: Florence:

Ienreepondlnxiothenoteuinchyongevenednringtheventngdey-not the Pltteburgh Ceenlvel.

lntereetlngly enough, lobette Ielper. Elelne Shoueltee. one 1 bed been exploring the poeeibllity of e eonterenee. to be held at Bernese, in nu January, to look et the vet: queetlone you neauon. Io thounht the: Old Ikethuty. Dougleee, and letneee night he the joint eponeore.

It tools! be a regional eontetenee — lneeeolmnette, Connecticut, lhode Ielend, lieu York, leu Jereey, end Ienneylvente. lie would hove three nejor ereee of concern: ‘ '

1 - The nouen’e collagen - their nteelon, function, and tlnenelel furore;

2 - ‘nae nen who are interested in lionen'e Studies - the are they, whet night they do‘!

3 - ‘the ptoblene about Ilonen‘e scum which on enrtnelny no quickly - the oonfllce between teeulty nedrere end etnnente; objectivity en. eubjeetivltn the one of reeeorch tone; the eupexntnt pnoblen; hoetiuty ‘non; noun; the viability of the eonventlonel eoedente tteditlens the nee of new netetiele (..;.. cuubrxde-Isadore nee of tune, ete.).

Bernerd ilonen'e center bee e little neney to help undexvrite the conference. I had eeked Roberto 11 on Iientbuty night have none, too. In eny event,

the eonterence would begin to ecoonplleh the enrle you nentioned in your

note - how do we not up teglenel oleettwsoneee, how do we avoid duplieetlon. end so on.

Roberto, llelne. end 1 bed barely begun to talk. Ilzere do you damn: we ehould go £1-on here? And. lo generel. hov'e everything?

All beet, cordielly.

Catharina R. Srenmlon