Notes from Mary Elizabeth Wexford, regarding Women's Studies conference, 1971, page 5

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          MEMO from Mary Elizabeth Wexford

how women express violence

fewer [women] abuse children than [men] 
but it is one of [women's] major outlets

[women] turning anger and violence in upon themselves - letting it out in catharsis 

Violence: Women's experience and expression

have someone from rape panel 
black women

What are the first changes to make 

abortion reform

child care

practical issues 
in community
society's responsibility for children

who is responsibility for children

category of illegitimate children

Who is responsible for children?

(free school near Columbia - parents put in some time each week - cooperative)

New York Civil Liberties Union - 156 Fifth Avenue - New York, N.Y. 10010 - WAtkins 9-6076