Notes from Mary Elizabeth Wexford, regarding Women's Studies conference, 1971, page 2

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          MEMO from Mary Elizabeth Wexford

Women Learn from Women

A Regional Conference

Sponsored by SL, SUNY OW, BC, Douglas, Hunter, Queens

late Oct-early Nov

6 panels

3 am-7 am

3 pm-7pm
repeated same themes-different respondents-fuel discussion

happy medium between rap sessions and academic discussion

what do we mean by female culture-
(do women have a separate experience of life? experience of life at any moment of 
history is different for [women] than for [men] 
but history doesn't record the [female] side

Turner's manifest destiny defined for [men] 
nobody has defined what the frontier meant for women

New York Civil Liberties Union - 156 Fifth Avenue - New York, NY 10010 - WAtkins 9-6076