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German women Authors of the 2_th Century

Sachs, Nelly. Ausgewahlte Gedichte
Fahrt ins Staublose
Nelly Sachs zu Ehren, 1961, 1966
Holmquist, Bengt, ed. Das Buch der Nelly Sachs
Lagercrantz, Olaf. Versuch fiber die Lyrik der Nelly Sachs
Bachmann, Ingeborg. Malina
Keith—Smith, Brian, ed. Essays on Contemporary Literature
Eomin, Hilde. Das zweite Paradies
Wolf, Christa. Nachdenken fiber Christa T
Der geteilte Himel
Wohmann, Gabriele. Treibjagd
Abschied fflr langer
Aichinger, Ilse. Besuch im Pfarrhaus
Aldridge, J.C. Ilse Aichinger
Leonhard, Kurt. Moderne Lyrik
Maier, R.N. Das moderne Gedicht
Demetz, Peter. Postwar German Literature

Women in the Late Roman Empire and the Middle Ages
Baldson, J.P.D.V. Roman Women
Donaldson, J. Woman, Her Position and Influence in Ancient Greece and
Rome and among the Early Christians
Dill, Samuel, Roman Society in the Last Century of the Western Empire
Seneca. "Consolation to Helvetia," in the Stoic Philosophy of Seneca
Crook, G.A. Law and Life of Rome
Troeltsch, E. The Social Teaching of the Christian Churches
Cyprian, "On the Dress of Virgins," The Anti-Nicene Fathers
Clement of Alexandria, "The Instructor," The Anti-Nicene Fathers
Tertullian, Disciplinary, Moral and Ascetical Works
Treatises on Marriage and Remarriage.
Crystal, James, ed. Translation of All Acts and Articles Connected with
The Third Ecumenical Synod
Jerome. Selected Work and Letters-
Dogmatic and Polemical Works
The Letters of Paula and Eustochium to Marcella
Early Christian and early medieval representations of Eve and Mary
based on search in the Princeton Icon. Index
Stanton, D.M. The English woman in History
Lancaster, L. "Kinship, Lordship and Association Kinship in Anglo-Saxon
Society..." in Sylvia Thrupp, Early Medieval Society
Tacitus. Germania
Visigothic Law, ed. Scott
Burgundian Law, Pennsylvania Records
The Laws of the Kings of England, ed. A.J. Robertson
Morrall, John B. The Medieval Imprint
Heer, F. The Medieval World
Jarret, Bede. Social Theories of the Middle Ages
Bandel, Betty. "The English Chroniclers Attitude Towards Uomen,"
Journall of the History of Ideas
Herlihy, D. "Land, Family and Women in Continental Europe,” Traditio
Kelly, Amy. Eleanor of Aquitaine
The Letters of Abelard and Eloise
Gilson,E. Heloise and Abelard
St. Louis. Letter to Isabella, Queen of Navarre
Kendall. The Yorkist Age