Women's Studies Reading Lists, 1971-1972, page 3

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The Role of Women in Lconogig life (continued)

McNally, Gertrude B. "Patterns of Female Labor Force Activity,” Industrial
Relations, May 1968

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Composition ,

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Science Doctorates in Teaching," Journal of Human Resources, Srping 68

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of Men and Women 1947-1967

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United Nations. Measures, Policies, and Programmes Affecting Fertility

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of Historical Statistics" Journal of American Statistical Association,
March 1960

. Women and Work in America

Newcomer, Mabel. A Century of Higher Education for American Women

Dodge, Norton T. Women in the Soviet Economy

Gendell, Murray. Swedish Working Hives: A Study of Determinants and Consequences

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Areas: An International Comparison," Economic Development and Cultural
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Gueland—Leridon, Francoise. Le Travail des Femmes en France

Berent, J. "Some Demographic Aspects of Female Employment in Eastern Europe
and the USSR," International Labour Review, February 1970

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at the Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America

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the Economic and Social Development of their Countries, New York 1970

Images of Women in Literature

Bible. Genesis 1-3, 19; Ruth, Esther, St. Matthew 1-2, I Corinthians ll;
Revelation 17

Greek and Roman Mythology: Hera, Athena, Diana, Medea, Medusa, nymphs and
satyrs, Muses, Pandora, Pygmalion

deBeauvoir, Simone. The Second Sex

Mill, John Stuart, "A Political Dimension of Myth"

Bronte, Emily. Wuthering Heights

Sexton, Anne. "For my Lover Returning to his Wife," in Showalter, Thg
subjection of Women

Plath, Sylvia. "Lesbos" in Showalter

Faulkner, William. Sanctuary