Women's Studies Reading Lists, 1971-1972, page 2

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          WOMEN'S sruoms READING LISTS, page 2

Female and Male: An Interdisciplinary Approach (continued)

Freud, S. Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality

Erikson, E. Childhood and Society


The Report of the President's Comission on the Status of Women, 1965
Aries, Philippe. Centuries of Childhood

Bernard, Jessie. Women and the Public Interest

. Marriage and Family among Negroes

Billingsley, Andrew. Black Families in White America

Bird, Caroline. Born Female: The High Cost of Keeping Women Down
Frazier, Franklin. The Negro Family in the United States

Geiger, H.K._ The Family in Soviet Russia

Ginsburg, Eli, et al. Life Styles of Educated Women

Goode, W.J. World Revolution and Family Patterns

Hunt, Morton. The Infinite Variety

Janeway, Elizabeth. Man's World, Woman's Place

Masters, W.Y.~and V.E. Johnson. Human Sexual Response

Myrdal, Alva and Viola Klein. Women's Two Roles

Nye, F.L. and L. Hoffman. The Employed Mother in America

O'Neil, W. Everyone was Brave: The Rise and Fall of Feminism in America
Rainwater, Lee, et al. The Moynihan Report and the Politics of Controversy
Spiro, Mel. Children of the Kibbutz

Sussman, Marvin. Source-book in Marriage and the Family

Komarovsky, Mirra. Women in the Modern World: Their Education and their


The Role of Women in Economic Life

Becker, G.S. "The Allocation of Time," Economic Journal, September 1965.

Boserup, Ester. Women's Role in Economic Development

Becker, G.S. Human Capital: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis, with
Special Reference to Education

Astin, Helen S. The Woman Doctorate in America: Origins, Career, and Family

Dennis, Lawrence E., ed. Education and a Woman's Life

Bernard, Jessie. Academic Women

Goode, William J. women in Divorce

North, Gary. "A Note on the Opportunity Cost of Marriage," Journal of
Political Economy, March—April 1968

Santos, Frederika. Marital Instability and the Relative wages of Females
(PhD dissertation to be completed for the Department of Economics, CU)

Becker, G.S. "An Economic Analysis of Fertility," Demographic and Economic
Change in Developed Countries

Ridley, J. Clare. "Fertility and Non-Familial Activities of the Wife,"
Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly, July 1959

Preston, Samuel. "Marital Fertility and Female Employment Opportunity,"
Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Population Association
of America, April 22-24, 1971

Kreps, Juanita. Sex in the Marketplace: American Women at Work

Cain, Glen. Married Women in the Labor Force

Mincer, Jacob. "Labor Force Participation of Married women," Aspects of
Labor Economics

Oppenheimer, Valerie K. The Female Labor Force in the United States: Demo-
graphic and Economic Factors Governing its Growth and Changing Composition

Hedges, J.N. "Women Workers and Manpower Demands in the 1970's," Monthly
Labor Review, Vol 93(6), June 1970

Waldman, E.K. "Changes in the Labor Force Activity of women,’
Review, June 1970

Monthly Labor