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Female and Male: An Interdisciniinary Approach

Komarovsky, Mirra. Blue-Collar Marriage

Epstein, Cynthia. Woman's Place: Options and Limits in Professional Careers

Lifton, Robert J., ed. The Woman in America


Harrison, R.J. and W. Montagna. Man

Sherfey, M.J. "Female Sexuality," Journal of the American Psychoanalytic
Association, 14, 1961

Greer, G. The Female Eunuch

Mccary, J.L. Human Sexuality

Money, J. Sex Errors of the Body


Mead, M. Sex and Temperament

Hall, K.R.L. and I. Devore. "Baboon Social Behaviour," I. DeVore, ed.
Primate Behavior

Fox, J.R. "In the Beginning...," Man gN,S.} 2(iii) 1967

Lewis, I.M. "Spirit Possession and Deprivation Cults," Man gN.S.2 2(iii)

Douglas, M. Purity and Danger

Evans-Prichard, E.E. "The Position of Women in Primitive Societies and in
our Own," Evans-Prichard. The Position of Women in Primitive Societies
and other Essays

Jay, P., ed. Primates

Mead, M. Male and Female

Peristiany, J.G., ed. Honour and Shame; The Values of Mediterranean Society

Brown, J.K. "A Note on the Division of Labour by Sex," American Anthropologist 72, 1970

Evans-Prichard, E.E. "Sexual Inversion among the Asande," “American Anthropologist 72, 1970

Cohen, A. Custom and Politics in Urban Africa

Nadel, S.F. "Witchcraft in Four African Societies," M.G. Marwick, ed.
Witchcraft and Sorcery

Maggitt, M.G. "Male-Female Relationships in the Highlands of Australian
New Guinea," American Anthropologist 66(iv, Part 2, Special Publica-
tion) 1964

Murphy, R.F. "Social Structure ad Sex Antagonism," Southwestern Journal
of Anthropology 15, 1959

Schneider, J. "Of Vigilance and Virgins...," Ethnologv 10 (i) 1971

Antoun, R.T. "On the Modesty of Women in Arab Muslim Villages," American
Anthrogologist 70, 1968

Yalman, N.0. "On the purity of women in the castes of Ceylon and Malabar,"
Journal of the Role; Anthrogolggical Institute 93, 1963

Riviera, P.G. "The Honour of Sanchez," Man §N,S,z 2(iv)l967

Wilson, P.J. "Reputation and Respectability...," Mag gN,S,) 4(1)

Allen, M.H. Male Cults and Secret Initiations_;g Melanesia

Cohen, R. Doinance and Defiance: Marital Instability in an African 
Society (Anthropological Studies 6, American Anthropological Association)


Maccoby, Eleanor E., ed. The Development of Sex Differences

Roszak, B. and T. Roszak, eds. Masculine/Feminine: Readings in Sexual Mythology and the Liberation of Women.
Reeves, N. Womankind: Beyond the Stereotypes

Schwartz, O. The Psychology of Sex

Farber, S.M. and R.H. Wilson, eds. The Potential of Woman