Women's Studies Reading Lists, 1971-1972

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 Female and Male: An Interdisciniinary Approach
 Komarovsky, Mirra. Blue-Collar Marriage
 Epstein, Cynthia. Woman's Place: Options and Limits in Professional Careers
 Lifton, Robert J., ed. The Woman in America
 Harrison, R.J. and W. Montagna. Man
 Sherfey, M.J. "Female Sexuality," Journal of the American Psychoanalytic
 Association, 14, 1961
 Greer, G. The Female Eunuch
 Mccary, J.L. Human Sexuality
 Money, J. Sex Errors of the Body
 Mead, M. Sex and Temperament
 Hall, K.R.L. and I. Devore. "Baboon Social Behaviour," I. DeVore, ed.
 Primate Behavior
 Fox, J.R. "In the Beginning...," Man gN,S.} 2(iii) 1967
 Lewis, I.M. "Spirit Possession and Deprivation Cults," Man gN.S.2 2(iii)
 Douglas, M. Purity and Danger
 Evans-Prichard, E.E. "The Position of Women in Primitive Societies and in
 our Own," Evans-Prichard. The Position of Women in Primitive Societies
 and other Essays
 Jay, P., ed. Primates
 Mead, M. Male and Female
 Peristiany, J.G., ed. Honour and Shame; The Values of Mediterranean Society
 Brown, J.K. "A Note on the Division of Labour by Sex," American Anthropologist 72, 1970
 Evans-Prichard, E.E. "Sexual Inversion among the Asande," “American Anthropologist 72, 1970
 Cohen, A. Custom and Politics in Urban Africa
 Nadel, S.F. "Witchcraft in Four African Societies," M.G. Marwick, ed.
 Witchcraft and Sorcery
 Maggitt, M.G. "Male-Female Relationships in the Highlands of Australian
 New Guinea," American Anthropologist 66(iv, Part 2, Special Publica-
 tion) 1964
 Murphy, R.F. "Social Structure ad Sex Antagonism," Southwestern Journal
 of Anthropology 15, 1959
 Schneider, J. "Of Vigilance and Virgins...," Ethnologv 10 (i) 1971
 Antoun, R.T. "On the Modesty of Women in Arab Muslim Villages," American
 Anthrogologist 70, 1968
 Yalman, N.0. "On the purity of women in the castes of Ceylon and Malabar,"
 Journal of the Role; Anthrogolggical Institute 93, 1963
 Riviera, P.G. "The Honour of Sanchez," Man §N,S,z 2(iv)l967
 Wilson, P.J. "Reputation and Respectability...," Mag gN,S,) 4(1)
 Allen, M.H. Male Cults and Secret Initiations_;g Melanesia
 Cohen, R. Doinance and Defiance: Marital Instability in an African 
 Society (Anthropological Studies 6, American Anthropological Association)
 Maccoby, Eleanor E., ed. The Development of Sex Differences
 Roszak, B. and T. Roszak, eds. Masculine/Feminine: Readings in Sexual Mythology and the Liberation of Women.
 Reeves, N. Womankind: Beyond the Stereotypes
 Schwartz, O. The Psychology of Sex
 Farber, S.M. and R.H. Wilson, eds. The Potential of Woman
WOMEN'S sruoms READING LISTS, page 2
 Female and Male: An Interdisciplinary Approach (continued)
 Freud, S. Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality
 Erikson, E. Childhood and Society
 The Report of the President's Comission on the Status of Women, 1965
 Aries, Philippe. Centuries of Childhood
 Bernard, Jessie. Women and the Public Interest
 . Marriage and Family among Negroes
 Billingsley, Andrew. Black Families in White America
 Bird, Caroline. Born Female: The High Cost of Keeping Women Down
 Frazier, Franklin. The Negro Family in the United States
 Geiger, H.K._ The Family in Soviet Russia
 Ginsburg, Eli, et al. Life Styles of Educated Women
 Goode, W.J. World Revolution and Family Patterns
 Hunt, Morton. The Infinite Variety
 Janeway, Elizabeth. Man's World, Woman's Place
 Masters, W.Y.~and V.E. Johnson. Human Sexual Response
 Myrdal, Alva and Viola Klein. Women's Two Roles
 Nye, F.L. and L. Hoffman. The Employed Mother in America
 O'Neil, W. Everyone was Brave: The Rise and Fall of Feminism in America
 Rainwater, Lee, et al. The Moynihan Report and the Politics of Controversy
 Spiro, Mel. Children of the Kibbutz
 Sussman, Marvin. Source-book in Marriage and the Family
 Komarovsky, Mirra. Women in the Modern World: Their Education and their
 The Role of Women in Economic Life
 Becker, G.S. "The Allocation of Time," Economic Journal, September 1965.
 Boserup, Ester. Women's Role in Economic Development
 Becker, G.S. Human Capital: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis, with
 Special Reference to Education
 Astin, Helen S. The Woman Doctorate in America: Origins, Career, and Family
 Dennis, Lawrence E., ed. Education and a Woman's Life
 Bernard, Jessie. Academic Women
 Goode, William J. women in Divorce
 North, Gary. "A Note on the Opportunity Cost of Marriage," Journal of
 Political Economy, March—April 1968
 Santos, Frederika. Marital Instability and the Relative wages of Females
 (PhD dissertation to be completed for the Department of Economics, CU)
 Becker, G.S. "An Economic Analysis of Fertility," Demographic and Economic
 Change in Developed Countries
 Ridley, J. Clare. "Fertility and Non-Familial Activities of the Wife,"
 Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly, July 1959
 Preston, Samuel. "Marital Fertility and Female Employment Opportunity,"
 Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Population Association
 of America, April 22-24, 1971
 Kreps, Juanita. Sex in the Marketplace: American Women at Work
 Cain, Glen. Married Women in the Labor Force
 Mincer, Jacob. "Labor Force Participation of Married women," Aspects of
 Labor Economics
 Oppenheimer, Valerie K. The Female Labor Force in the United States: Demo-
 graphic and Economic Factors Governing its Growth and Changing Composition
 Hedges, J.N. "Women Workers and Manpower Demands in the 1970's," Monthly
 Labor Review, Vol 93(6), June 1970
 Waldman, E.K. "Changes in the Labor Force Activity of women,’
 Review, June 1970
 Monthly Labor
 The Role of Women in Lconogig life (continued)
 McNally, Gertrude B. "Patterns of Female Labor Force Activity,” Industrial
 Relations, May 1968
 Oppenheimer, Valerie. "The Sex Labeling of Jobs,” Industrial Relations, May 68
 Bancroft, Gertrude. The American Labor Force: Its Growth and Changing
 Composition ,
 Bowen, U.G. and J.A. Finegan. The Economics of Labor Force Participation
 U.S. Women's Bureau. 1969 Handbook on women Workers, Bulletin No. 294
 Becker, G.S. The Economics of Discrimination
 Bayer, A.E. and H.S. Astin. "Sex Differences in Academic Rank and Salary Among.
 Science Doctorates in Teaching," Journal of Human Resources, Srping 68
 Sanborn, Henry. "Pay Differences Between Men and Women," Industrial and Labor
 Relations Review, July 1964
 U.S. Women's Bureau. Sex Discrimination in Employment Practices
 Murphy, Thomas E. "Female Wage Discrimination: A Study of the Equal Pay Act
 1963-1970," University of Cincinnati Law Review, Fall 1970
 Clover, Vernon T. Changes in Differences in Earnings and Occupational Status
 of Men and Women 1947-1967
 U. S. Women's Bureau. Laws on Sex Discrimination in Employment
 Interdepartmental Committee on the Status of Women. American Women, 1963-
 1968, Washington, 1968
 Landes, W. "The Economics of Fair Employment Laws,” Journal of Political
 Economy, Vol 76(4, Part 1), July-August 1968
 Myrdal, Alva. Nation and Family
 United Nations. Measures, Policies, and Programmes Affecting Fertility
 Smuts, Robert W. "The Female Labor Force: A Case Study in the Interpretation
 of Historical Statistics" Journal of American Statistical Association,
 March 1960
 . Women and Work in America
 Newcomer, Mabel. A Century of Higher Education for American Women
 Dodge, Norton T. Women in the Soviet Economy
 Gendell, Murray. Swedish Working Hives: A Study of Determinants and Consequences
 Collver, Andrew and Eleanor Langois. "The Female Labor Force in Metropolitan
 Areas: An International Comparison," Economic Development and Cultural
 Change, July 1962
 Gueland—Leridon, Francoise. Le Travail des Femmes en France
 Berent, J. "Some Demographic Aspects of Female Employment in Eastern Europe
 and the USSR," International Labour Review, February 1970
 Nash, E. "The Status of Women in USSR," Monthly Labor Review, June 1970
 O.E.C.D., Employment 0 Women, Regional Trade Union Seminar, Paris 1970
 Salaff, Janet. "Female Employment and Fertility in China,” Paper presented
 at the Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America
 United Nations Comission on the Status of Women, Participation of Women in
 the Economic and Social Development of their Countries, New York 1970
 Images of Women in Literature
 Bible. Genesis 1-3, 19; Ruth, Esther, St. Matthew 1-2, I Corinthians ll;
 Revelation 17
 Greek and Roman Mythology: Hera, Athena, Diana, Medea, Medusa, nymphs and
 satyrs, Muses, Pandora, Pygmalion
 deBeauvoir, Simone. The Second Sex
 Mill, John Stuart, "A Political Dimension of Myth"
 Bronte, Emily. Wuthering Heights
 Sexton, Anne. "For my Lover Returning to his Wife," in Showalter, Thg
 subjection of Women
 Plath, Sylvia. "Lesbos" in Showalter
 Faulkner, William. Sanctuary
 Images of Women in Literature (continued)
 Richardson. Clarissa
 Shaw, G.B. Man and sugerman
 Lawrence, D.H. Sons and Lovers
 Eliot, George. Middlemarch
 Faulkner, William. "A Rose for Emily"
 Walpole, Horace. Castle of Otranto
 Radcliffe, Ann. The Mysteries of Udolpho
 Austen, Jane. Northanger Abbey
 Aeschylus. Orestes
 Woolf, Virginia. To the Lighthouse
 Mailer, Norman. "The Time of Her Time," in Advertisements for Myself
 Aristophanes. Lgsistrata
 Ibsen, Henrik. Doll's House
 Lewes, G.B. "The Lady Novelists," in Showalter
 Ellman, Mary. "Phallic Criticism," in Showalter
 Lessing, Doris. The Golden Notebook
 Stein, Gertrude. The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
 Cade, Toni. The Black woman
 Angelou, Maya. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
 Special Themes in Modern French Literature: Feminism
 Balzac. "Physiologie du mariage"
 Vigny. "La Maison du Berger: Lettre 5 Eva"
 Michelet. L'Amour
 Michelet. La Femme
 Michelet. Proudhon: Amour et Mariage
 Flora Tristan: La femme libre
 Baudelaire. Poemes
 Baudelaire. choix de pensées sur la feme
 Flaubert. Madame Bovary
 G. Sand. Indiana
 A propos de la feme dans la Société politique (1848)
 Maupassant. L'Inutile beauté
 Histoire d'une fille de ferme
 Mauriac. "Therese Desqueyroux"
 Exposé: "Princesses de Science” de G. Yver
 Montherlant.- "Les jeunes filles”
 Eluard. poemes
 Claudel. "Le Soulier de Satin"
 ______. poeme
 Breton. "Arcane 17"
 Saint-Exupéry. "Vol de Nuit"
 N. Sarraute. "Tropismes"
 Colette. expose sur Gigi
 Colette. "La dame du Photographe"
 A. de Noailles. Poémes
 C. Rochefort. "Stances 5 Sophie"
 "Le Repos du Guerrier"
 "Les Petits enfants du Siécle”
 S. de Beauvoir. "Le Deuxieme Sexe"
 German women Authors of the 2_th Century
 Sachs, Nelly. Ausgewahlte Gedichte
 Fahrt ins Staublose
 Nelly Sachs zu Ehren, 1961, 1966
 Holmquist, Bengt, ed. Das Buch der Nelly Sachs
 Lagercrantz, Olaf. Versuch fiber die Lyrik der Nelly Sachs
 Bachmann, Ingeborg. Malina
 Keith—Smith, Brian, ed. Essays on Contemporary Literature
 Eomin, Hilde. Das zweite Paradies
 Wolf, Christa. Nachdenken fiber Christa T
 Der geteilte Himel
 Wohmann, Gabriele. Treibjagd
 Abschied fflr langer
 Aichinger, Ilse. Besuch im Pfarrhaus
 Aldridge, J.C. Ilse Aichinger
 Leonhard, Kurt. Moderne Lyrik
 Maier, R.N. Das moderne Gedicht
 Demetz, Peter. Postwar German Literature
 Women in the Late Roman Empire and the Middle Ages
 Baldson, J.P.D.V. Roman Women
 Donaldson, J. Woman, Her Position and Influence in Ancient Greece and
 Rome and among the Early Christians
 Dill, Samuel, Roman Society in the Last Century of the Western Empire
 Seneca. "Consolation to Helvetia," in the Stoic Philosophy of Seneca
 Crook, G.A. Law and Life of Rome
 Troeltsch, E. The Social Teaching of the Christian Churches
 Cyprian, "On the Dress of Virgins," The Anti-Nicene Fathers
 Clement of Alexandria, "The Instructor," The Anti-Nicene Fathers
 Tertullian, Disciplinary, Moral and Ascetical Works
 Treatises on Marriage and Remarriage.
 Crystal, James, ed. Translation of All Acts and Articles Connected with
 The Third Ecumenical Synod
 Jerome. Selected Work and Letters-
 Dogmatic and Polemical Works
 The Letters of Paula and Eustochium to Marcella
 Early Christian and early medieval representations of Eve and Mary
 based on search in the Princeton Icon. Index
 Stanton, D.M. The English woman in History
 Lancaster, L. "Kinship, Lordship and Association Kinship in Anglo-Saxon
 Society..." in Sylvia Thrupp, Early Medieval Society
 Tacitus. Germania
 Visigothic Law, ed. Scott
 Burgundian Law, Pennsylvania Records
 The Laws of the Kings of England, ed. A.J. Robertson
 Morrall, John B. The Medieval Imprint
 Heer, F. The Medieval World
 Jarret, Bede. Social Theories of the Middle Ages
 Bandel, Betty. "The English Chroniclers Attitude Towards Uomen,"
 Journall of the History of Ideas
 Herlihy, D. "Land, Family and Women in Continental Europe,” Traditio
 Kelly, Amy. Eleanor of Aquitaine
 The Letters of Abelard and Eloise
 Gilson,E. Heloise and Abelard
 St. Louis. Letter to Isabella, Queen of Navarre
 Kendall. The Yorkist Age
 Women in the Late Roman Empire and the Middle Ages (continued)
 Power, Eileen. Mediaeval People
 Welch, Alice Kemp. Of Six Mediaeval Women
 Thrupp, Sylvia L. The Merchant Class of Mediaeval London
 Del Lungo. Women of Florence
 Joinville. Life of St. Louis
 Froissart. Chronicle
 Pierre Dubois. Recovery of the Holy Land
 Eric and Eneide
 Aucassin and Nicolette
 Southern, R.W. The Making of the Middle Ages
 Valency, M. In Praise of Love
 Huizinga. The Waning of the Middle Ages
 Marie de France. French Mediaeval Romances
 welch. Of Six Mediaeval Women
 The Romance of the Rose
 L.J. Friedman. "Jean de Meung, Anti—Feminism and Bourgeo s Realism" Modern
 Philologist, 57 (1959)
 Andreas Capellanus. The Art of Courtly Love
 Chretien de Troyes
 McCarthy. The Rule for Nuns of St. Carsarius of Arles
 R. W. Southern. Western Society and the Church
 Hroswitha. The Plays
 . The Non~Dramatic Works
 Powers, Eileen. Mediaeval English Nunneries
 Eckenstein, Lina. Women Under Monasticism
 The Lncren Riwle
 Victoria History of the Counties of England, A History of Hampshire
 McDonnell, E. The Beguines and Beghards in Mediaeval Culture
 Phillips, Dayton. Beguines in Mediaeval Strasbourg_
 Margery Kempe. The Book of Margery Kempe
 Julian of Norwich. Revelations of Divine Love
 Hughes, M.J. Women Healers in Medizeval Life and Literature
 Christine de Pisan. The Book of the Duke of True Lovers
 Ward, Charles F. The Epistles on the Romance of the Rose and Other Documents
 in the Debate
 Women in America: Colonial Times to 1890
 Morgan, Edmund S. The Puritan Family
 Bradstreet, Anne. Poems
 Wollstonecraft, Mary. A Vindication of the Rights of Women
 Rowson, Susanna. Charlotte Temgle
 Riegel, Robert. The American Feminists
 James, Henry. The Bostonians
 Cross. The Educated Woman in America
 Adams, Henry. Democracy
 Readings in Oriental Studies: The Relative Roles of Male and Female
 Creel, H.G. The Birth of China
 From the Book of Songs, C. Birch, ed., Anthology of Chinese Literature
 From Intrigues of the Warring States, B. Watson, Early Chinese Literature
 Maspero, H. "Les procédés de 'nourrir le principe vital‘ dans la religion
 Taoiste ancienne,” Journal Asiatigue 229 (1937)
 Bauer, U. and H. Franke, ed., The Golden Casket: "Princess Purple Jade" and
 "The Emperor and the Two Sisters"
 Loewe, M. Everyday Life in Early Imperial China. “Social Distinctions...”
 Ssu-ma Ch'ien, "The Empresses,” in Records of the Grand Historian of China,
 tr. B. Watson
 Swann, N.L. Pan Chao: Foremost Woman Scholar of China
 Fitzgerald, C.P. The Empress Wu
 Birch. Anthology: Po Chfi—i, "A Song of Unending Sorrow,““ Yuan Chen, "The
 Pitcher,” Yuan Chen, "The Story of Ts'ui Ying-ying," Po Hsing—chien,
 "The Story of Miss Li," Li Shang-yin, "Seven Love Poems"
 Gernet, J. Daily Life in China on theEve of the Mongol Invasion 1250-1276
 Hu Pin Ch'ing. Li Ch'ing-chao
 Chu Hsi. Reflections on Things at Hand: "The Way to Regulate the Family?
 Yen Chih-t'ui. Family Instructions for the Yen Clan
 Birch, C. Stories from a Ming Collection: "The Pearl—Sewn Shirt"
 Li, D.J., ed. The Essence of Chinese Civilization
 Ch'fi, T‘ung-tsu. Law and Society in Traditional China
 Bodde, D. and C. Morris. Law in Imperial China
 Chin P'ing Mei
 B. Y. Chao. Autobiography of a Chinese Woman
 I. Pruitt. A Daughter of Han
 D. Hosie. Portrait of a Chinese Lady
 M. C. Yang. A Chinese Village
 F.L.K. Hsu. Under the Ancestors‘ Shadow
 C.K. Yang. "The Chinese Family in the Communist Revolution," in Chinese Communist
 Society: The Family and the Village
 R. Tsunoda and L.C. Goodrich, Japan in the Chinese Dynastic Histories
 D. L. Philippi, tr. Kojiki
 "Man'yoshu" in D. Keene, Anthology of Japanese Literature
 1. Morris. The World of the Shining Prince
 H.C. McCullough, tr. Yoshitsune
 D. Keene, tr. Chushingura
 Ihara, Saikaku. The Life of an Amorous Woman
 P.D. Perkins. Geisha of Pontocho
 Women's Movements in Postwar Japan. Occasional Papers of Research Publications
 and Translations, Institute of Advanced Projects, East—West Center,
 Honolulu, 1968. Translation Series No. 29
 R.P. Dore. City Life in Japan
 R.K. Narayan. Gods, Demons, and Others
 Ashvagosha‘s Buddhacarita in Buddhist Mahayana Texts, ed. by E. B. Cowell
 The Laws of Manu, tr. by Georg Bühler: Marriage, Duties of Women, Adultery,
 Duties of Husband and Wife, Inheritance
 The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana, trans. by Sir Richard Burton
 Shilappadikara (The Ankle Bracelet) by Prince Illango Adigal
 The Thief of Love: Bengali Tales of Court and Village, tr. by E. C. Dimock
 "The Vidyasundara of Bharatchandra" and "The Manasa—Mangal of Ketaka
 Dfisa Behula and Lakhindar"
 Phantasies of a Love-Thief: The Caurapafieasika Attributed to Bilhana, tr. by
 Barbara Stoler Miller
 Gitagovinda of Jayadeva, tr. by B. S. Miller
 Readings in Oriental Studies: The Relative Roles of Male and Female (continued)
 The Housewarming, by Ravinranath Tagore
 G. Morris Carstairs. The Twice-Born: A Study of a Community of High-Caste Hindus
 Leigh Minturn and John Hitchcock. The Rajputs of Khalapur, India
 Johann J. Meyer. Sexual Life in Ancient India
 Anant Sadashiv Altekar. The Position of Women in Hindu Civilization