Report of the Director of Placement and Career Planning to the President, 1970-1971, page 8

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          riacement and Career

we have learned that if the experience is to be successful both for the
student and for us, we must design a project useful to us, which
feasible for a student to complete working independently of the office.

In addition to the project on alternative careers described_earlier, Abby
Pagano (a Barnard alumna) is working with me on a research project based on
questionnaires returned from the Class of 1965. Last summer we sent out a
detailed questionnaire to 365 members of the Class and with only one mailing,
we received 163 answers. The response was so good; the questionnaires were
answered so fully, and the material is so important, that we are in the final
stages of tabulating, summarizing, and analyzing the vocational, educational
and marital status.of these Barnard women, and their attitudes about their
experiences as women in graduate school and employment.

Gail Parshall did an important research project on opportunities in
mental health which she wrote up in a paper, “Jobs for Psychology Graduates."
Noting a strong student interest in the field and a.lack of clear vocational
material, she sent out over 500 letters to.organizations in New York State
and Massachusetts, asking about opportunities for liberal arts graduates with
a B.A. degree as well as qualifications for jobs at different professional
levels. Miss Parshall summarized the information she received from 143 organi-
zations and copies of the paper were sent to appropriate Barnard departments
and our colleagues at the Seven Sister Colleges and a number of other colleges.

_ . s . . . -
Vp”This'year we are working with the other Seven”Sister Colleges in com-
pletely revising the Employers’ Directory, a directory listing employers,
throughout the United States who annually express an interest in receiving

‘_applications from our students and alumnae. The directory has tradition-

ally been-for young women only and a number of us have felt that this has
limited the kinds of opportunities employers have listed in the directory.
Hence we are redoing the categories and asking all employers to give us
information about their opportunities for young men as well as young women.
In this major revision, it has been our responsibility to do a revision of
the categories with explanatory material.

I assisted Professor Baxter in an innovative addition to her course
on Women in History. I worked with her in planning and setting up several
continuing Conferences, bringing in young women to talk about some aspect
of their experiences as women. ' ‘

I represented Barnard at a conference on Women in Industry at Mary
Baldwin College in the fall and I spoke at the Continuing Education
Section of the Adult Education Association Conference in Atlanta, also
in the fall. I spoke on two occasions to a student personnel seminar at
Teachers College. And I participated in a panel discussion on women at

.Teachers College and spoke at the New York Barnard Club in February.

\'  G‘*"‘~-«K ed

{\CL aw.)

(lrs.) Jane S. Gould
- Director of Placement

May, 1971 and Career Planning