Report of the Director of Placement and Career Planning to the President, 1970-1971, page 7

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          Placement and Career Planning

Advertising . 38%
Barnard Placement 16%
Columbia Placement 16%
and Personnel
Employment Agencies A 8%
Friends ' - 14%
Self ‘ ’ 8%

There was considerable interest and more participation in the
Columbia University Training Program to up-grade employee skills this
year, mainly because we gave it much more publicity. We were careful
to inform new employees in their initial interview and Mrs. Knatz
canvassed all the offices, informing employees of the program. In
the fall we had six employees attending classes and there were 12
attending in the spring. -


Placement and Career Planning Staff

It is a tribute to our staff that we were able to‘do so many-new
things this year. Recognizing new problems as well as the need for new
solutions to old problems, Gail Parshall and Barbara Schain have shown
unusual ability, sensitivity, and creativity in expanding bpportunities.
for students and alumnae and in finding new ways 0 reaching students.

We are sorry that they are both leaving. We are also losing Sharon’LloydA
to graduate school; she has made a valuable contribution in working with
students in her year as a secretary. Our devoted part-time retiree,

Mrs. Flynn, plans to retire officially and permanently. C

We worked well together and all assumed extra responsibilities.
Hilary Knatz, ably assisted by Marie Priester, handled admirably a
.large and complex Work Study program in addition to her personnel func-
tions. Rosetta Tozzo managed the increased volume of credentials with
efficiency and dispatch; and Carolyn Netterberg provided an atmosphere of
friendly calm as our receptionist. Helen Kelleher continued to keep us
all in order as our office manager and my secretary, taking on responsibil-
ity for the many details of our new job exchange system with Columbia.

In an effort to reduce our budget, we are hiring Lynn Stephens to
assume the responsibility of assistant director and take over many of
the functions shared by Miss Parshall and Mrs. Schain. This will require
a rethinking and streamlining of many of our services, including cutting
down in certain areas. We plan to redistribute some of the work and up-
grade two jobs; one a_secretarial and the other, Mrs. Knatz' job, to give
her more responsibility for student and summer employment. In addition we
plan to rely on student help in ways we have never tried before. We have
had a fine first experience this year with Barbara Sossen, a Work Study
student, and believe that there are many more creative ways to employ
students on a part-time basis.

' Other Activities

This year we had two very competent graduate students from Teachers
College doing field work under our supervision. From trial and error