Report of the Director of Placement and Career Planning to the President, 1970-1971, page 6

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          although we expect to have 797 fewer calls and 330 fewer placements
than last year, we also had fewer unfilled jobs as a result of fewer
part-time and summer jobs available. Student earnings this year are
estimated at $33,650. Comparative figures for the past three years
are given below. ‘

Total Calls , ' Total Place:

Year- Received _ ments Made
1968-1969 5510 ' 4619.
1969-1970 7110 5937

1970-1971 6314* V 5609*

We continue to be disturbed by the number of complaints we
receive about student babysitters and have set a policy of six months‘
suspension from babysitting for any student who has two complaints
against her. In addition we surveyed student babysitters this spring
and as a result have initiated a policy of requiring taxi fare from
parents after 11 p.m.

The number of full—timerand.part%time"clerical, secretarial and’

administrative openings at the College declined by about 25% while at
the same time the number of applicants increased by 15%. Clearly

" Barnard is benefiting from the tight labor market, both in a lower

rate of turnover_and in a wider choice of applicants. A summary of
personnel statistics for the last three years is given below.

Personnel Positions
Year Interviews Filled
1968~l969 344 ~ '- 34
‘ 1969-1970 259 _ . 60

l97Q~l971 - 300* _ 45*

The figures for this year do not include the more than 300 letters
and applications received and processed for the jobs of Assistant Dir-
ector of Placement and Career Planning and Resident Director of Brooks,
Hewitt and Reid.

This year we have been very successful recruiting through adver-
tising and have relied much less on employment agencies than in the

‘past. (This is not reflected in this year's budget since fees were re-

imbursed for several employees hired last year). Almost a third of
the new employees came from referrals by Columbia and our own Placement
Office. A proportionate breakdown of recruitment sources of people hired

this year follows and includes full—time, part-time, and temporary positions.

'V * - Projected through June 30,_l971