Report of the Director of Placement and Career Planning to the President, 1970-1971, page 2

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          Report of the Director ‘ page 2
Placement and Career Placement

job and cannot stick with something now considered dull or unful-

filling. ~And even though students need to earn money during the

summer, many resist doing any job hunting on their own or come in ~
as late as May 1 to ask about special programs with a February 15

deadline. We are concerned about students‘ often unrealistic atti-

tudes about work, particularly at a time when finding satisfying

employment is becoming so difficult.

Given severe cutbacks in city, state, and federal agencies,
and in such popular fields as teaching and social service, we have
devoted extra effort to seeking out contacts and jobs in expanding
fields such as mental health and environmental control, and to '
learning about new opportunities for women as management trainees
in business and legal assistants in law firms. We cooperated with
two large companies eager to attract more women. Last fall we in-
vited several students to a luncheon at Continental Can, and this
spring we held a luncheon at Barnard at which representatives of
General Electric joined a small group of students, faculty and mem-
bers of our staff to discuss the changing climate of business and the
new opportunities for women.

1n.anticipation of moving to somewhat larger quarters,gwe re-

.organized our vocational library, discarding our awkward files and

replacing them with binders on open shelves which are more access-
ible to students. We have added considerable resource material on

‘new fields in which students and alumnae have expressed an interest

such as ecology, population control, and the broader vocations for

social change. In addition we have been fortunate in having a gradu-

ate student collecting material on alternate careers as her field

work project in student personnel. She has done a fine job of find-

ing important new resource material and the fruits of her labors are

being added to our library. Through an agreement with the Dean of

Studies office, we have taken on the responsibility of maintaining

and expanding a collection of catalogues for graduate and professional
schools. We are working closely with Dean Schmitter on sharing directories
and important information on graduate opportunities and fellowships.

»- Although this was not a good year for meetings, we experimented with
a number of small meetings, some centered around issues of special importance
at this time such as "How To Get a Job in A Recession.” we worked closely
with the Alumnae Advisory Vocational Committee in planning several evening
meetings for dormitory students to meet and talk with young alumnae working
in a variety of fields. And we arranged several meetings with women law
students from Harvard, NYU, Columbia, and George Washington who came to
talk with students about their experiences at law school. In addition we
co-sponsored two meetings for pre—law students with John Elliff and a
meeting for pre-med freshmen with Grace King.

Acknowledging the decline in student attendance at meetings, we have
concentrated this year on‘doing more and varied newsletters on job oppor-
tunities and job.hunting suggestions as well as informational bulletin
boards for both summer and full-time jobs. We have also tried to work‘