Report of the Director of Placement and Career Planning to the President, 1970-1971, page 1

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          .'.Bozrnard College  


Report of the Director
of Placement and Career Planning
to the President


Career Counseling and Placement’

_ As a result of our dual concerns with the tightening job
market and with helping women find appropriate and responsible
positions, we have shifted our emphasis this year to placement.‘
We have taken a more aggressive position about tracking down good
job openings and training programs for our graduates and we have
greatly improved our information on various fields through re-
search projects and updating and reorganizing our vocational
library. We have placed particular emphasis on revising our_
summer job procedures and expanding our summer library in an at-
tempt to stimulate student interest in internships and special
programs and to encourage students to begin their job hunting
efforts early. '

Specifically,we have written letters to hundreds of employers
asking them to list their jobs for college graduates with us and
‘ have sent letters to over lOOO employers about summer jobs. fwe
_ have initiated an experimental reciprocal program with the Columbia
University Office of Placement and Career Services to share all non-
teaching job listings, which has resulted in our learning about a
number of jobs previously difficult for us to obtain. In addition
we initiated a referral service and now systematically notify cur-
rent job seekers of appropriate job openings as we hear of them
(something we have never attempted before).

_ Our new emphasis on placement has underscored the large gap
between student expectations and reality. Despite an impressive
number of good jobs, many with high salaries, and the fact that we
widely publicize these opportunities, we are finding seniors and
recent graduates unwilling to look into many jobs, saying they
won't work in certain fields or take a job which does not fully
interest them. Others give up jobs which we know have growth poten-
tial because they soon think they have learned everything about the