Committees on the Status of Women in the Disciplinary Associations, roster, December 8, 1971

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American Anthropological Association

Committee on the Status of Women in Anthropology Dr. Shirley Gorenstein -

Department of Anthropology

Colubia University

New York City 10027


America Association of University Professors Comittae on the Status of women in the Profession ?rofessor Alice S. Rossi

2214 west Rogers Atmue

Baltiore, Marylad 21209


America Chemical Society Women Chemists‘ Committee chr. Helen Free

3764 East Jackson Boulevard Elkhsrt, Indiana 46514

America Historical Association Committee on Women Histories Professor Patricia A. Graham Department of History

Barnard College

New York City 10027


American Library Association

Status of women'nmd Women's Liberation Ms. Michelle Rudy

1403 Lecore Lane

Mahattan, Kasas 66502

American Philosophical Association:

subcomictee on the Statue of women in the Profession

Professor Margaret D. Wilson Department of Philosophy 1879 Hall Princeton University

Princeton, law Jersey

American Physical Society Committee on Women in Physics Dr. Vera Kistiakowsky

Nuclear Physics Lab, MIT Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 617-864-6084

7241 3 1




Enrica Psychological Association Task Force on the Status of women ' Dr. Helen S.Astin

University Research Corporation 4301 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008


Attica Political science Association Committee on the Status of Women

Dr. Josephine Milburn

Department of Phiitical Science

. University of Rhoda Island

Kingston, Rhode Island 02881

American Society of microbiologist: Women‘: committee for Equal Opportunities Dr. Mary L. Robbins

Department of Microbiology

George Washington Modical School

1339 H Street. NW

Washington. Dc 20006


American sociological Association

Ad Hoc Committee on the Status of Women Dr. Elise Balding

Institute of Behavioral Science University of Colorado

Boulder, Cologado 80302

American Speech and Roaring Association subcommitcoa on the Status of Woman

Man Dorothy Kc Marge

8011 Longbrook

Springfield, Virginia 22152


Association of American Law Schools Woman in the Legal Profession Professor Ruth Ginsburg

Rutgers Law School

180 University Avenue

Newark, New Jersey 07102


Association of Asian Studies Committee on the Status of women Professor Joyce Kallgron

Center for Chinese Studies

28 Hillcrest Avenue

Berkelyy, California 94705



Association of Women Mathematicians Professor Mary W. Gray . Department of Mathematics

American University

Washington, DC 20016


Grauate women in Science Dr. Hazel Mfltz Fox

1231 North 38th Street Lincoln, Nebraska 68503

Mdarn Language Association Commission on the Status of Women Professor Carol Ohmann Department of English

Wssleys University

Middletown, Connecticut 06457

Philosophy of Education Society Committee on the Status of Women Professor Elizaeth Steiner Msccia School of Education

Indiana University

Bloomingtou, Indiana 47401

Association of Womn in Science Professor Judity G. Pool Dopartmsnt of Mndicine

Stanford University

Staford, California 94305 415«321-1200

Dr. Naens B. Schwartz Depsrtsnt of Psychiatry College of Medicine

University of Illinois at the Medical Center Post Office Box 6998

Chicao, Illinois 60680