Letter from Mary Scotti to Beverly Price, November 5, 1971

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5  1971

Beverly Price

ipeeiel Assistant to the Peeeident G319 Ilntveruty

Athena, flluo 45701

Beer 8:. Price:

flunk you for yourlietter at October 26th. I'u druid that the roster of when echolete 1: Inn in the planning and fundreietng etegee. I have been in emcee: rich the ltonen'e statue Camitteee at venous ecadenic disciplinary associations and may of the: minute or are presently developing more or less formal line of wonen in the pert-.'ieu1a' field. Pefipu, as opening: are available at this University. yuu sum: center.-xt these organisations to: 113:: of women who night fill the positions. lie do hope to develop and house been at Bernard a fairly comprehensive router at women in

all dieciylinee. 1 will keep your letter on file and inter: you of progreee conned this end.

4: Bernard we are very proud oi the variety of when’: studies eounee we gteeently alter. You will find a list of then end descriptions in the back of the enclosed brochure which the deeetflnee our Hosea‘: center. we are preparing e 11:: of readings £92 these courses which I will send to you as soon as it 1: ready.

Good luck! sincere 11,

Katy Scotti Coozdinetox