Memo from Jane Moorman to Patricia Graham, regarding the Seven College Roster plan and proposal, October 12, 1971

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Patricia Graham

Ta Hane Moorman FROM _ Seven College Roster Plan and froposal lDATEOct.l2,l971


.is five years.

- for our plan from other organizations.

‘ tradition and the dignity both worthy of maintenance.

I believe that we have been-much too timid about our proposal and that the climate is suitable for re-submitting the proposal

sin revised form to one or more foundations.

My estimate of timidity is based upon what I.believe is necessary

to launch a vital program. I think that we need to think in terms

of a roster, a listing with brief information, of women with doctorates as a first step in a much larger plan which is the expansion of the roster concept to women at the master's level,

to women at the bachelor's level and finally to women of technical expertise, good judgment, or what—have-you.

I am not suggesting that we take on all these steps or aspects, merely that we indentify our project as one of the steps toward

the full realization of talent in this country.

Further, I believe that our proposal must include what we hope will be accomplished ultimately, not just what we believe possible asga first step. The first step we have defined as a roster of women at the doctoral level who might be qualified for academic or administrative appointments of note, appointments which are lagging currently. I believe that a reasonable estimate of the time necessary to accomplish this goal of a functioning roster On this basis I suggest we revise our plans and our request for funds to reflect an on—going project and not rely on a year—to-year renewal of either commitment or funds.

_Also, I believe that we may appear to be self—serving as well as hesitant in our approach by our own lack of commitment to the program step we have outlined. I suggest, therefore, that the Seven Colleges commit themselves to some portion of the estimated expense of the roster. To do otherwise is to negate the value

of the plan which we propose.

Also, I believe that we may have erred in not seeking endorsement I do nd; suggest a political campaign_for I believe that approach to be outside the tradition and aside from the dignity of the Seven Colleges and I think the

I do believe,

however, that professional organizations of various disciplines

Ewe might seek endorsement from such as the AAUW, ACE and the AAUP

for a plan such as we have outlined. Also, these organizations

share the tradition and the dignity of the Seven Colleges, albeit their concerns have been at the opposite ends, sometimes, of the academic fraternity and albeit the members of the latter have not


1?) Patricia Graham FROAL Jane Moorman  CO1''l't ‘  

always been staunch supporters of equality of woman's position in academe. -

Finally, it seems to me that our ultimate aim must be, like good counseling psychologists, to put ourselves out of business in that we should anticipate that the performance of women in positions of responsibility and leadership will ultimately change

.the attitudes toward women as candidates for positions of respon-

sibility and leadership. A discriminatory practice such as a "roster of qualified women" at any level should become unnecessary, ultimately. That is, however, a hope of success and not the working plan proposed here.