Memo from Mary Scotti to Patricia Graham, regarding the roster, October 11, 1971, page 3

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 »  " -2.

Association of American Law Schools
Bowen in the Legal Profession

Prof. trederiche Lodaerd

School of Law

Reyna State Univereity

Detroit. Kichigen 58202

The MLS has maintained a lie: of law professors, end on this year‘: questionneire
a space will be provided asking that eea: he ‘ineiceted. Thus they hope by Haveuber
to be sble to provide a list at women presently teaching law. They have had many
«complaints tron lea eehools trying to inereese the number of women on their suits
the: it is extremely difficult to find wonen with eppropriate experienee except by
going ehrouw the general list and trying to determine sex by nine.

Iueriean Fhyeieel society
Committee on Nansen in myeics
Dr. Vere Kietiekoueky

Nuclear thyeiu Lab. 1111'
cewridpe, uesseohueette 02139

me Committee is colleotini e roeter of when in physics: they hevs obtained perlnillion
to nee the addressee from the lecionel science inundation for the purposes of a mailing,
but do not know yet how many at the nenee they will be dale to uee. Kietiekoueky eeid
ehe liked the idea of the seven sietere doing a roeterg it would avoid a lot of the
gape left by the various dieciplinery eesociezions whieh are presently preparing
rostere of diflerin; exteneiveness. lies had seen sey to her: "my is there a committee
on Ilonen in rhyeiee. there ere only four women physicists; I know all of then. end
they're all happy."

(lifted from SIOIEBHCIIAI)

Federetion of American Bocieeiee for Experimental Biology
Dr. Jean K. Leuber

Department of zoology

University of Alberta

' Edmonton 7. Alberta. censde


At their recent convention, titty women agreed to prepare a registry of women in

Annotation of Women Ilstheneticiene
rroteesor Kory ii. Grey

Bepertnene of lletheuetiee

easerieen University

Iieehinaton, D. C. 20033

the bee had suueetione to set up a roster of Vernon mathematicians. but is waiting

{or some reaction has ueabers of the Association before going eheed. If e uetionel
rosterill set up. they will not do anything on their own, but will be happy to
contribute to the centralised effort.