Memo from Mary Scotti to Patricia Graham, regarding the roster, October 11, 1971, page 1

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          2-: Graham

Mary Scottt

Roster 11 October 1971

Attsohsd is a report on the interest in sud scum on rosters in tho
various disctpltnazfy associations.

I was not able to touch an of tho associations on tho list. However.
the response I rocstvod from those I did reach is quite uniform. They
all recognise 3 insodtats used for s nations). and exhaustive roster
of season soholsrs which could be called upon {or sosdsuto saployusnt,
continue work. speakers, etc., as well as for statistical purposos.

I think the possibility of applying for B!!! funds to support part of
the dovslopunt of tho roster is worth looking into. I has rscsivsd
s copy of the Association of Women in Science lletvllotter and call you:
attention to pogo thus "YAIH RARDIIIG mascara" on choir efforts for

s roster.