Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Idris Rossell, June 15, 1971

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June 15. 1971

M3. Idris Rossell

Chief, Academic Research

Documentation Division

Office of External Research Re: INK/xfi Department of State

Washington. D.C. 20520

Dear Idris:

Miss Peterson is away on administrative leave, a practice which Barnard has Just initiatei. so that your interesting and good letter of June 1 to her has been referred to no to answer. (I eane back from Washington to find myself the Acting Chairman or the Executive committee of the Barnard Women‘a center. a job I will hold only until we can fine a permanent director.)

As you know, I agree with you that any roster of women scholars should to available. not only to colleges ané universi- ties. but to the government community. I woulfl like to show your letter and the samples or the governnept publicationa to Prefesaor Phtricia Graham, a member of the Executive Committee, who has special responsibility for finding out exactly what it would mean

for larnard to net up such a roster.

I was delighted to meet you in Washington. which was an agreeable and interesting experience, and I look forward to meeting you again soon. In the meantime. thank you so much for your suggeatiens and for year response to our activities.


Catharine R. Btinpaen Assistant Professor of