Letter from Nora Percival to Jacqueline Scherer, January 7, 1971, page 1

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V January 7. 1!?!

Dr. Jucquciinn achnrur
M2 Itucchumr Road
Graflit ‘Patna: Park, Mich. 48236

but % Br. samrn,

I can marry In thud you in Landau, and -an x.-curring yum-
mddnu always to our z-«curds ncutau.

Than list at wan in the yroiouicm 11 jun being organiud.
Hndquartin any to at gamut: but interaction can In tumour!
thrmah am’ otttau or any of, tan  I an aura any tabular; :
with rcumablu cndcnttah would qualify; though no apuctttam
M9‘! 5”‘  32' wt: V ‘ ' I

my dun‘! you and   érodunttalc. and. I will put
than on to tho organising guup{ T L V V

cordially. .

Non VPurc1vn!
nirnctot of Aluumu Affairl

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