Proposal, New England Regional Resource Center for Women in Higher Education, 1971, page 6

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women in the university. It is not proposed that the regional office study
these problems, but rather that the studies that have been already done be
shared and the successful innovations generated at one college be applied to


Three year support of a New England regional office devoted to develop-
ment and implementation of policies favorable to women students and scholars.
Funding to cover salaries of one senior professional, one junior professional,
one secretarial-research assistant and consultants; travel; reprinting of
material; running of meetings of academic professionals; the full cost of
the roster; and one or more "workshops" per year.

A rough budget follows:
Per year for 3 years:
$12,000 Director (Two half-time directors)
8,000 Staff (Two half-time assistants)
7,000 Secretary
$27,000 Total Staff
3,000 Travel
5,000 Office supplies
500 Entertainment
2,000 Publications
3,000 Consultants
2,500 Institute and for site workshops
25,000 Overhead
$68,000 Per Year
$200,000 for 3 years

We anticipate the possibility of sharing expenses and charging for
services beginning with year three.