Proposal, New England Regional Resource Center for Women in Higher Education, 1971, page 2

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Dr. Adele Simmons, Dean
Jackson College
Tufts University
Medford, Massachusetts

Dr. Elga Wasserman
Assistant to the President
Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut

Dr. Dorothy Zinberg
Consultant to President Bok
Harvard University
11 Scott Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Dr. Miriam Slater
House Master
Hampshire College
Amherst, Massachusetts

Sheila Tobias
Associate Provost
Wesleyan University
Middletown, Connecticut

Currently each of us is working independently at our own institutions
to develop policies and procedures which will enhance the educational opportu-
nities for men and women. We want to ensure that men and women are treated
equally within an education institution, and that educational programs which
take into consideration some of the special concerns of women are available.

We found that we were dealing with similar problems and similar issues.
Several of us were working on position papers dealing with exactly the same
issues. Yet to devise and implement changes each of us had to develop our
own background information and review the relevant literature. It became clear
to us that much effort is duplicated because we have no easy way to coordinate
our resources. At the same time successful innovations at one or more
institutions would inevitably have a far reaching effect on other institutions,
both private and public.

We agreed at the end of a day's discussion to request funds to establish
a New England regional office that will collect and distribute information
designed to increase educational opportunities for women. It would be the