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'Barnard College 



September 23, 1971


Jacqueline Greenspon, Chairman

Abby Pagano, AVC

Vicki Cobb, AVC

Nancy Sklar, AVC

Lois Ehrenkranz, AVC‘ _

Jane Gould, Director of Placement & Career Planning

/Catherine Stimpson, Director\Women's Center

The comittee decided last spring to focus its activities

for this year on the problem of discrimination against women.
An advertisement was subsequently published in the summer alumnae

. magazine asking for alumnae assistance. Only two responses were
received and in light of this, the committee met to decide how-
it could best; 1) arouse more alumnae interest in women's
problems, and 2) involve more alumnae in solving these problems.
Catharine Stimpson and Jane Gould attended the meeting and told
the committee members their plans for the year and their suggestions
for committee projects.

It was decided at the meeting to work closely with the Women's
Center and produce a resource pamphlet on women to distribute to
Barnard Alumnae Clubs at Alumnae Council on November 4th. It is
the committee's hope that each club will be able to create
a useful booklet , based on the pamphlet, on problems facing
women and opportunities open to women in their communities.‘ Work
for this project was divided among committee members and Jane
Gould offered the use of her files on women to them. It is the
committee's intention to work closely with the New York Club to
create a booklet and, if successful, to meet with the New York
City—based clubs of the Seven Sister eolleges, ' '

Plans were also discussed to write a tear-out questionnaire
on women's problems for this winter's Alumnae magazine. The
questionnaire would enable the committee to give information
to a Barnard lawyer group about the discriminatory practices with
which alumnae are concerned. It would also enable the comittee
to find an interested group of women to start a Seven Sister
lobbying group for fair employment practices.