Letter from Eleanor Mintz to Andrea Guterman, February 9, 1972

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February 9, 1972
 Miss Andrea V. Guterman
 47-30 61 Street 
 Woodside, New York 11377
 Dear Miss Guterman: 
 Thank you for your gift to Barnard College, for which I am enclosing an official receipt in the amount of $5.00.
 Thank you, too, for your caution against "female chauvinism" [handwritten] it's an epidemic, which I am sending along to the Women's Center people. Actually, I think your philosophy and theirs have much in common. 
 Again, our gratitude for your thoughtful support. 
 Sincerely yours,
 Mrs. Eleanor S. Mintz
 bc: Professor Stimpson w/ copy of Guterman letter.