Memo from Nora Percival to Catharine Stimpson, regarding Cleveland trip and Women's Center, September 24, 1971, page 1

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T°_ Catharine Stimpson

From: Nora Percival

Subject; Cleveland Trip 5: Center Date; 9/24

The Cleveland people are planning to pick you up, put
you up, feed you/and deliver, you to your plane. They
hope you can come early enough on Sunday for them to
have a little supper for you, so they can talk a bit.
Please let Mrs. Kowal know directly what flight you'll
be taking and she‘ll see that you are met. And you do
buy your own tickets, etc., and let us know the costs
so you can be reimbursed.

About the Women's Center —- where is it to be? Of course
I'll be delighted to serve on your advisory board -- I
feel deeply involved already. Thank you for asking me.
By the way, Alma Mater (the magazine of the American
Alumni Council) is thinking of using my talk as part of
an issue on women's programs. It's remarkable how much
interest the idea has generated.

I'll speak to Jackie about a column —- I myself think it
would be great. It's just the sort of exciting new
project many alums love to hear about -- and be kept

'au courant' about.

We've been mulling over the question of how to address
alumnae for some time. Whenever a specific request comes

in, we make a change. I can't understand why Mrs. Kuszner'

request slipped by, but will certainly correct her plate
now. The cost of recutting 16,000 plates, of course, is

prohibitive -- and it might well displease just as many

if we did. This is a question for future debate.

We need to make a decision about including you in the
Council program. Two or three time slots are available, »\
and we must go to press with the program next-week. Wilédyx