Memo from Catharine Stimpson to Baxter, Elliott, Gould, Graham, and Hertz regarding alumnae, July 23, 1971, page 2

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          Women's Center Memo -2- 7/23/71

2) The Alumnae Advisory Vocational Committee can be a bridge between
the alumnae and our efforts at job counseling. It was my impression that
Jane, Nora and I agreed that Jane should work very closely with that Com-
mittee and try to make it an active arm of the Women's Center.

3) we should encourage the alumnae to set up an informal network in
which alumnae can help each other. For example, if an alumna gets a job
in Nashville, it would be good if she could call on Barnard people there,
who will give her advice, counsel, and support.

I have devised a response for requests for both jobs and information. If
you receive any requests and want me to answer them, just pass them along. We
average two to three requests a day right now.