Memo from Catharine Stimpson to Baxter, Elliott, Gould, Graham, and Hertz regarding alumnae, July 23, 1971

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Tc) Annette Baxter. Ellv Elliott. Jane Gould, Pat Graham, Barbara Hertz FROM Catharine Stimpson

SU&ECT Women's Center DATEJhlv 23, 1971

This memo is more a newsletter than a memo.

On the matter of priorities: I believe that our first priorities include those projects for which we have each assumed a specific responsibility, e.g. Pat the ros- ter, Elly publicity and money, Annette courses and library. I did not mean to imply otherwise in my last memo.

As you know, the alumnae are crucial to the success of the Center. Not only do we need their skills and talents, but several of our programs will be designed for them. At the same time, as we have mentioned among ourselves, we must reassure alumnae who fear either that the College and the Women's Center will ignore non- professional alumnae or that the College will become "militant." I am thinking of the sort of person whom I met in Washington, at the alumnae club there, who said passionately, "I will not have Barnard become the Betty Friedan of the women's colleges."

To work toward these ends, Jane and I met with Nora Percival last week. Among our conclusions were:

1) The Alumnae Council will gather on November 4, 1971. The Council consists of Barnard Alumnae Representatives, club presidents, and those class presidents who want to pay their own way. The Women's Center should be on the program. On the first day, we will have about half an hour to prepare people for the next morning, a Friday, when we will have about an hour and a half. Jane, Nora and I thought we could not only tell them about the Center, but set ups ways in which the clubs could cooperate with the Center. We could, for example, distribute a notebook to the women. It could include:

a) Written reports from people in alumnae clubs, e.g. Washington and Dallas, who are working on activities specifically for women;

b) A list of organizations (e.g. NOW, WEAL) active in the new feminism; ‘

c) A working bibliography about feminism; d) Lists of things an alumnae club could do (e.g. abortion counseling, work against job discrimination, setting up day—care

centers, giving out reading lists);

e) A suggestion that each club utilize the resources in its own community, among them other women's college alumnae clubs.

Women's Center Memo -2- 7/23/71

2) The Alumnae Advisory Vocational Committee can be a bridge between the alumnae and our efforts at job counseling. It was my impression that Jane, Nora and I agreed that Jane should work very closely with that Com- mittee and try to make it an active arm of the Women's Center.

3) we should encourage the alumnae to set up an informal network in which alumnae can help each other. For example, if an alumna gets a job in Nashville, it would be good if she could call on Barnard people there, who will give her advice, counsel, and support.

I have devised a response for requests for both jobs and information. If you receive any requests and want me to answer them, just pass them along. We average two to three requests a day right now.