Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Cecilia Norris, July 23, 1971

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July 23, 1971

Its. Terrence 0.. Harris P.0. Box 166 Part xdwardn. Vincmsiu S4469

mar 31.. Nos.-‘:13:

Ema Pdrcival has suggescad that "I write :9 you in your capaczlty as chairman of the Alumnae: clubs Gomittcc and in any capacity as chairman af ch: Emcutivse ccnnclttae of the 3&1-aard‘ Shawn’: Ocmmr, a project: about Iflhitrh I as: sure you have hard, am! for which man have hishhopcs. %

One at thc things iuhich I think mat important: to accanplish in creating clam: tics batman the almanac and tin Hausa‘: center. The alumna: alremty centribute so eumch to the collage. I believe that they will be vital to the nuccus of the Gentar.

Hrs. Percival tell: an that you will be suing to flew York in Octahtr far matings. I knauéthat ymsr schedule will probably be crowded, but I umdur if you cunld snake was time available so that we cmtm talk. If, in the meantime, you have any quer- tsoua, I woulé be dclightaci to fill!’ from you.

Sfimzorely ,

Catharine R. stiupoon Assistant: R-ofusar cf

‘ English fihairman, Bonn‘: center Executive committee

GRS: 331 be: CR3