Harvard University's Health Careers Summer Program Report, July 23, 1971, page 6

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          — The university or college have in existence an open
enrolment summer school with strong science courses.

— That medical and dental schools and affiliated hospitals
and clinics be located near the core university.

— That the student enrolled in the programs is a part
of the general environment of the summer school.

Regional availability of programs such as the HCSP may also
be possible. Such offerings could reduce the operational costs
by lowering the funding required for transportation, tuition, and

room and board.


*Authors of the Evaluation Report were:

Robert S. Blacklow, M.D., Project Director;

Henry S. Dyer, Ed.D.; Reid E. Jackson, II, Ed.D.;
and Joseph K. Petway, Educational Testing
Service, Princeton, N.J.

NOTE: A list of the 1971 participants in the Health
Careers Summer Program at Harvard is enclosed.