Harvard University's Health Careers Summer Program Report, July 23, 1971, page 5

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          . ~-,1‘*<\VA- __._—~,.

training necessary to prepare them for graduate school —— not
necessarily for either medical or dental schools.

The academic program of the HCSP including regular summer
school courses in the basic sciences, with added tutorials and
clinical experiences, has gone well, both Dr. Blacklow and Mr. Crooks
agree. The changes which have been made have come about as a
result of student experience. All concerned with the HCSP agree
at this point that to assure success, students must be encouraged
to become active in the entire process.

Fifty—five students were accepted in the 1969 HCSP from a
total of 267 who applied. In 1970 recruitment efforts were
broadened and 452 applications were received from Mexican—Americans,
Puerto Ricans and American Indians as well as Blacks. Ninety—eight
students (of 100 accepted) were enrolled in 1970. Applications
continued to rise in 1971, reaching a peak of 843 of which ll9

acceptances were offered. Of these ll4 registered on July 6, 1971.

One major point made in the evaluation at Harvard of the
Health Careers Summer Program considered whether similar programs
could be established in other universities in the United States.
The general conclusions reached on the basis of the evaluation set
out that such programs can be organized in other educational insti-

tutions if these conditions exist: