Harvard University's Health Careers Summer Program Report, July 23, 1971, page 3

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and the Certificate of Advanced Study from the Graduate School of
Education from Harvard. Mr. Browning is married to the former
Miss Jane Smith of Atlanta, Georgia. They have one child. The
Brownings reside in Cambridge, Mass.

As coordinator of the HCSP, Dr. Jackson's responsibilities have
included assistance to other colleges and universities which have
expressed interest in establishing similar programs on their own
campuses. Last year more than 25 such institutions sent representatives
to Harvard to meet with HCSP students and to confer with teachers
and administrators of the Program. It is expected that a greater
number of representatives will make inquiries in Cambridge during
the 1971 program.

Despite the many plusses which can be attributed to the HCSP,
however, Robert Blacklow, M.D., who has been responsible for the
role of the Harvard Medical School and School of Dental Medicine in
the Program, and Mr. Crooks, agree that future funding of the HCSP
is "rather bleak."

Both Dr. Blacklow and Mr. Crooks note that in 1972 the HCSP
will no longer have access to the major American foundations which
have provided the "seed corn" necessary for the three years of its
operation. Maintenance of the Program's present size, or expansion,
will require new sources of financing, they note. The majority of
the new funds must necessarily come from federal and state grants to
the Program or, indirectly, through funds supplied by the institutions
from which the students come.

At no time over the three years of the HCSP's existence has

funding been simple.

The 1969 HCSP ended with a deficit of $40,000; that of 1970