Harvard University's Health Careers Summer Program Report, July 23, 1971, page 2

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          years of the HCSP, it was concluded that programs similar to the
HCSP can better be operated and coordinated if they are the direct
responsibility of the Summer School and not of the graduate pro-
fessional schools. Accordingly, the responsibility for the 1971
session of the HCSP has been assumed by the Harvard Summer School
with Thomas Crooks, Director of the Summer School in charge.
Support from the standpoint of financing has continued to come
from the Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Dental
Medicine, but the overall direction has now been assumed by the
Harvard Summer School.

The active guidance of the Health Careers Summer Program,
again in the summer of 1971, falls to Reid E. Jackson, II, who
this year (1971) received the Ed.D., degree from the Graduate
School of Education at Harvard.Dr.Jackson was the coordinator of
the HCSP in the summer of 1970. On September 1, he will become
Assistant Dean of the University of Florida, College of Arts and
Sciences in Gainesville. Dr. Jackson also will serve in a part
time capacity as Assistant Professor in the Department of Bio-
logical Science.

Assistant coordinator of the HCSP in this current summer is
Mr. Larry Browning who is a candidate for the doctoral degree in
Science Education at Harvard. Born in Springfield, Ohio, Mr. Browning
received the A.B. degree in Biology from Earlham College, the

Master of Arts in Teaching (Science Education) from Emory University