Harvard University's Health Careers Summer Program Report, July 23, 1971

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Harvard's Health Careers Summer Program entered its third summer on July 6, with an enrollmentof 114 minority students from 65 of the nation's colleges and universities.

From all points of view the Program (HCSP) which started in 1969 as a joint venture of the Harvard Medical School, the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the Harvard Summer School, has been an out- standing success. It has encouraged a substantial percentage of its enrollees —- Blacks, Puerto Ricans, American Indians and Mexican- Americans —— to consider careers in the health professions. Eight of those who were enrolled in 1969 are now students in medical schools or dental schools in the United States, and 31 more who were enrolled in 1970 will matriculate at medical or dental schools this fall.‘ Many more are planning to enter one of the allied health professions. And the HCSP has provided each an opportunity to strengthen his or her academic background, particularly in the basic sciences.

In an Evaluation Report? sponsored by the National Center for

Health Sciences Research and Development, based on the initial two


years of the HCSP, it was concluded that programs similar to the HCSP can better be operated and coordinated if they are the direct responsibility of the Summer School and not of the graduate pro- fessional schools. Accordingly, the responsibility for the 1971 session of the HCSP has been assumed by the Harvard Summer School with Thomas Crooks, Director of the Summer School in charge. Support from the standpoint of financing has continued to come from the Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, but the overall direction has now been assumed by the Harvard Summer School.

The active guidance of the Health Careers Summer Program, again in the summer of 1971, falls to Reid E. Jackson, II, who this year (1971) received the Ed.D., degree from the Graduate School of Education at Harvard.Dr.Jackson was the coordinator of the HCSP in the summer of 1970. On September 1, he will become Assistant Dean of the University of Florida, College of Arts and Sciences in Gainesville. Dr. Jackson also will serve in a part time capacity as Assistant Professor in the Department of Bio- logical Science.

Assistant coordinator of the HCSP in this current summer is Mr. Larry Browning who is a candidate for the doctoral degree in Science Education at Harvard. Born in Springfield, Ohio, Mr. Browning received the A.B. degree in Biology from Earlham College, the

Master of Arts in Teaching (Science Education) from Emory University


-3- and the Certificate of Advanced Study from the Graduate School of Education from Harvard. Mr. Browning is married to the former Miss Jane Smith of Atlanta, Georgia. They have one child. The Brownings reside in Cambridge, Mass.

As coordinator of the HCSP, Dr. Jackson's responsibilities have included assistance to other colleges and universities which have expressed interest in establishing similar programs on their own campuses. Last year more than 25 such institutions sent representatives to Harvard to meet with HCSP students and to confer with teachers and administrators of the Program. It is expected that a greater number of representatives will make inquiries in Cambridge during the 1971 program.

Despite the many plusses which can be attributed to the HCSP, however, Robert Blacklow, M.D., who has been responsible for the role of the Harvard Medical School and School of Dental Medicine in the Program, and Mr. Crooks, agree that future funding of the HCSP is "rather bleak."

Both Dr. Blacklow and Mr. Crooks note that in 1972 the HCSP will no longer have access to the major American foundations which have provided the "seed corn" necessary for the three years of its operation. Maintenance of the Program's present size, or expansion, will require new sources of financing, they note. The majority of the new funds must necessarily come from federal and state grants to the Program or, indirectly, through funds supplied by the institutions from which the students come.

At no time over the three years of the HCSP's existence has

funding been simple.

The 1969 HCSP ended with a deficit of $40,000; that of 1970 (more)


with a deficit of $3,065. The financing ($65,000) for the 1969

HCSR came from two sources: $15,000 from the Macy Foundation;

$50,000 from the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1970 the funding base was expanded and $191,000 was realized. Contributors were the Sloan Foundation ($70,000); Rockefeller Foundation ($50,000);

National Fund for Medical Education ($30,000); Macy Foundation

($30,000); Weir Foundation ($10,000); and the Day Foundation ($2,000).

The number of foundations particpating in the 1971 HCSP financing was six. The total was $224,000. Contributors were the Sloan Foundation ($75,000); the Rockefeller Foundation ($50,000); National Fund for Medical Education ($30,000); Grant Foundation ($25,000); the Macy Foundation ($24,000); and the National Urban

Coalition ($20,000).

The HCSP, when planning was started in 1968 and early 1969, was looked upon as a "bold experiment" which would possibly determine whether a summer educational uplift program at the college level could increase the numbers of minority group students entering the health professions. It would be available at no financial cost to qualified students who were accepted. All expenses, in- cluding a stipend equal in amount to estimated summer earnings, would be met. The average cost, per student, has been approximately $2,000.

Academically, the HCSP was planned to parallel an earlier project, the Intensive Summer Study Program (ISSP) organized in 1965 by Harvard, Yale and Columbia universities to provide black

and white students from small southern colleges with the academic


. ~-,1‘*<\VA- __._—~,.

training necessary to prepare them for graduate school —— not necessarily for either medical or dental schools.

The academic program of the HCSP including regular summer school courses in the basic sciences, with added tutorials and clinical experiences, has gone well, both Dr. Blacklow and Mr. Crooks agree. The changes which have been made have come about as a result of student experience. All concerned with the HCSP agree at this point that to assure success, students must be encouraged to become active in the entire process.

Fifty—five students were accepted in the 1969 HCSP from a total of 267 who applied. In 1970 recruitment efforts were broadened and 452 applications were received from Mexican—Americans, Puerto Ricans and American Indians as well as Blacks. Ninety—eight students (of 100 accepted) were enrolled in 1970. Applications continued to rise in 1971, reaching a peak of 843 of which ll9

acceptances were offered. Of these ll4 registered on July 6, 1971.

One major point made in the evaluation at Harvard of the Health Careers Summer Program considered whether similar programs could be established in other universities in the United States. The general conclusions reached on the basis of the evaluation set out that such programs can be organized in other educational insti-

tutions if these conditions exist:


— The university or college have in existence an open enrolment summer school with strong science courses.

— That medical and dental schools and affiliated hospitals and clinics be located near the core university.

— That the student enrolled in the programs is a part of the general environment of the summer school.

Regional availability of programs such as the HCSP may also be possible. Such offerings could reduce the operational costs by lowering the funding required for transportation, tuition, and

room and board.


*Authors of the Evaluation Report were:

Robert S. Blacklow, M.D., Project Director;

Henry S. Dyer, Ed.D.; Reid E. Jackson, II, Ed.D.; and Joseph K. Petway, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, N.J.

NOTE: A list of the 1971 participants in the Health Careers Summer Program at Harvard is enclosed.


1971 Participants

Richard L. Allen

P.O. Box 44

Hatchechubbee, Alabama 36858 Tuskegee Institute - Soph.

Enrique C. Almaguer 4257 Lamont Pacific Beach, California 92036

Univ. of California - San Diego - Jr.

Raymond C. Barabino

c/o Mrs. Bessie M. Evans 1530 St. Maurice Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70117 Morehouse College - Jr.

Mallard w. Benton

12 Morley Street

Roxbury, Massachusetts 02119 Morris Brown College - Soph.

Patricia T. Booth

Route 1, Box 135A

Bassfield, Mississippi 39421 Tougaloo College - Soph.

Robert L. Brayboy

10 Rockland Avenue

Roxbury, Massachusetts 02119 Tufts university - Jr.

Milton R. Brown

1083 Johnston's Road

Norfolk, Virginia 23513 * Norfolk State College - Soph.

Raynorda F. Brown

114 Smith Avenue

Lexington, North Carolina 27292 Bennett College - Jr.

Richard C. Brown

8858 South Dorchester Chicago, Illinois 60619 Oakwood College — Jr.

Ana M. Buxeda Calle Condado 8 Santurce, Puerto Rico 00907

Awilda Camacho

Ave. Rexach #2075

Barrio Obrero

Santurce, Puerto Rico 00915

Inter American University - Soph.

Florence K. Cammock 174 East 31st Street Brooklyn, New York 11226 New York University — Jr.

Joseph A. Castillo

11210 Glenora R.P.D. 17 Houston, Texas 77040 University of Houston - Jr.

Bobby J. Chrisp

1200 Holly Street

Hickman, Kentucky 42050

Murray State university - Soph.

Douglas C. Collins

P.O. Box 7

Prestwick, Alabama 36566 Alabama A 8 M University - Soph.

Steven L. Cosby

5304 Indian Trail

Louisville, Kentucky 40218 University of Kentucky - Soph.

Kenneth A. Crossman

750 Lincoln Street

waltham, Massachusetts 02154 Univ. of Mass. - Boston — Jr.

Carolyn P. Crump

Route 7, Box 571

Lexington, North Carolina 27292 Bennett Col1ege.- Jr.

Charles E. Davis

Route 2, Box 399

Montross, Virginia 22520 Virginia State College - Soph.

Michael D. Doty

Route 2

Walters, Oklahoma 73572 High School Senior

1971 Participants Page 2

Dale G. Evans

645 St. Marks Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11238 Brooklyn College - Jr.

Ernest Ferran

1357 Dekalb Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11221 Brooklyn College - Jr.

James L. Fisher

Route 2, Box 49

Richlands, North Carolina 28574 North Carolina Central Univ. - Jr.

Jean L. Flagg

RI Box 184

Henning, Tennessee 38041 Tennessee State University - Sr.

Jared W. Flood

Route 1, Box 318 Martinsville, Virginia 24112 Norfolk State College - Soph.

Jesse Flores

4508 Lelia Street

Houston, Texas 77026 University of Houston - Jr.

Miguel J. Flores

259 E. Jefferson

Brownsville, Texas 78520 Texas A 8 I University - Soph.

Cornelius Flowers Route 1, Box 131 , Collins, Mississippi 39428

Univ. of Southern Mississippi - Soph.

Winston Y. Fong

2652 77th Avenue

Oakland, California 94605

Univ. of California - Berkeley - Jr.

Bettie L. Fordham

ll Hildreth Street

Dorchester, Massachusetts 02124 Boston university - Jr.

_ Billy B. Foster

Route 6, Box 361 Greer, South Carolina 29651 Berea College - Jr.

Frankie L. Foster

823 Fulton Street

Daderville, Alabama 36853 Alabama A 8 M University — Soph.

Reatha M. Fowler

421 Lynch Street

Pontiac, Michigan 48057 Boston University - Fresh.

Nora G. Galindo P.O. Box 743 Marfa, Texas 78943

University of Texas - El Paso - Soph.

Josephine C. Gamboa

1027 Rivermont Drive Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15207 Utica College - Soph.

Jacqueline A. Gibbes 1295 Park Place

Brooklyn, New York 11213 Brooklyn College - Fresh.

Howard w. Glenn

904 Pearl Avenue

Cleveland, Mississippi 38732 Tougaloo College - Jr.

Juan M. Gonzalez

115 Arizona Avenue

El Paso, Texas 79902

University of Texas - El Paso - Jr.

Juan E. Grillo

-BOX 125

Caguas, Puerto Rico 00625 University of Puerto Rico — Soph.

Alane Haney

P.0. Box 311

Hope, Arkansas 71801

Arkansas A. M. N. College - Jr.

James A. Hargrave

General Delivery

Bishop, Virginia 26406 Boston State College - Jr.

Alvin E. Harris

408—B Cobb Street Franklin, Virginia 23851 Morehouse College - Soph.

1971 Participants Page 3

Brenda R. Harris

3565 Bivona Street, 17B Bronx, New York 10475 Lehman College - Soph.

Donald J. Hayes

P.O. Box 305

Magee, Mississippi 39111 Tougaloo College - Jr.

Melford J. Henderson 2 - 3rd Avenue South Birmingham, Alabama 35205 Bishop College - Jr.

Paul P. Henderson

32 Cedar Street _

Roxbury, Massachusetts

Univ. of Mass. — Boston - Soph.

Franklin P. Hernandez

1295 Amsterdam Avenue #61. New York, New York 10027 Pordham University - Fresh.

Dorcas E. Hill

44 wildwood Street

Dorchester, Massachusetts 02124 Univ. of Mass. - Boston - Soph.

Yvonne C. Hines

2130 Madison Avenue

New York, New York 10037 Adelphi University - Soph.

Ralph M. Hinton

318- 2 Pelham Street

Port Riley, Kansas 66442 Virginia State College - Jr.

Joanne E. Hooker

1521 Young Street, S.E. 101 Washington, D.C. 20020 Virginia State College — Jr.


Warner S. Jeffries

8301 South Langley

Chicago, Illinois 60619 University of Illinois - Jr.

Jimmie L. Johnson

Route 1, Box 155

Teachey, North Carolina 28464 Johns Hopkins University - Jr.

Patricia A. King

1909 Van Buren Street Gulfport, Mississippi 39501 Tougaloo College - Fresh.

Billy J. Lance Route 4, Box 2 Georgetown, South Carolina 29440

South Carolina State College - Fresh.

Myra L. Leach

Route 4, Box 280

Charleston, South Carolina 29407 Voorhees College - Jr.

Dorie E. Lee

839 West 5th

Port Arthur, Texas 77640 university of Texas - Austin - Jr.

Rodolfo Reyva

420 Barcelona Drive

El Paso, Texas 79905

University of Texas - El Paso - Jr.

Ronald N. Lickers

740 Monterey Blvd. #201

San Francisco, California 94127 San Francisco State College - Jr.

Pearl Lin Hm ffix‘ 244 East 13th Street New York, New York 10003

arnard College



Dennis E. Lloyd

12 Stoneholm Street

Boston, Massachusetts 02115 Boston State College - Fresh.


1971 Participants Page 4

Ana 1. Lopez

291 East l43rd Street

New York, New York 10451 University of Connecticut — Fresh.

Pedro Lope?

3173 N. Speep Bld.

Denver, Colorado 80211 University of Colorado - Fresh.

Larry L. Lowe

Route 2, Box 140

Sumrall, Mississippi 39482 Tougaloo College - Jr.

Henry L. Mcshan

Route 1, Box 189 Adamsville, Alabama 35005 Miles College - Soph.

Rosie L. Magee

Route 1, Box 489-B Gulfport, Mississippi 39503 Jackson State College - Jr.

Ella M. Manning

P.O. Box 213 . Little Rock, South Carolina Barber-Scotia College — Jr.

Clarence H. Martin

Route 6, Box 111

Munson Highway

Milton, Florida 32570 University of Florida - Soph.

Tony F. Martinez

Apt. A3 Frank Berry Cts. _ Meridian, Mississippi 39301 Millsaps College - Jr.

Jesse B. Mendez

4866 Hidalgo Avenue

San Diego, California 92117 San Diego State College - Jr.

Irene F. Miranda 1019 South Racine Chicago, Illinois 60607

Northeastern Ill. State College - Soph.

Mary C. Moore

Box 534

Winona, Mississippi 39217 Jackson State College - Jr.

Albert W. Morris

1469 Atkinson Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48206 Howard University - Soph.

Carlton M. Newsome

Route 2, Box 103

Sparkman, Arkansas 71763 Philander Smith College - Jr.

Edgaldo Nieves

1445 N. Rockwell Chicago, Illinois 60622 High School Senior

Heriberto Ocasio

3511 Barnes Avenue

Bronx, New York 10467

New York University - Soph.

Robert J. Padgett

7 woodland Street

Worcester, Massachusetts University of Massachusetts — Jr.

Zulma M. Pena

Calle 4 Num. 98

Flamingo Hills

Bayamon, Puerto Rico 00619

Northeastern I11. State College - Jr.

Arminda Perez

P.O. Box 302

Alama, Texas 78516

Pan American College — Soph.

Maria Perez

1971 Grand Avenue Bronx, New York 10453 Brooklyn College — Jr.

1971 Participants Page 5

Hugh G. Pilgrim

20 Bower Street

west Medford, Massachusetts 02155 Univ. of Mass. - Boston - Jr.

Willie Potter

309 Bowman Street

Natchez, Mississippi 39120 Jackson State College - Jr.

Artiss L. Powell

2854 North 8th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19133 University of Illinois - Jr.

Sandra E. Price

407 13th Street, South Birmingham, Alabama 35233 Miles College - Jr.

William C. Rankin Route 3, Box 217-B Magee, Mississippi 39111

Univ. of Southern Mississippi - Jr.

George H. Raynor

41 Dorr Street - Roxbury, Massachusetts 02120 Univ. of Mass. - Boston - Fresh.

Lee S. Riggins

P.O. Box 34

Gants Quarry, Alabama 35069 Alabama A 8 M University - Jr.

Maria Rivera

Box 11

Rainsville, New Mexico Brandeis university

Ruth Rivers

Route 1, Box 88-A

Bamberg, South Carolina 29003 Voorhees College - Jr.

Nathaniel Robinson

Mack Hill

St. Matthews, South Carolina Claflin College - Jr.

William E. Robinson

412 Mill Street

Allendale, South Carolina 29810 Benedict Colege - Jr.

Orlando R. Ponce

Elodea St. 2-H-10 Lomas Verdes Bayamon, Puerto Rico O0b19 University of Puerto Rico - Jr.

Vonnie K. Ross

Route 1, Box 179-D

Turell, Arkansas 72384 Arkansas A.M. 8 N College - Jr.

Gloria Ruiz 548 Encino El Paso, Texas 79905

University of Texas - El Paso — Soph.

Kenneth P. Sam

1214 Vera Lou Street

Houston, Texas 77051

Texas Southern University - Jr.

Jo Ann Sanchez

2830 Barcelona Road, s.w. Albuquerque, New Mexico 87105 University of New Mexico - Soph.

John Sa nchez P.O. Box 131 Del Rey, California 93616 Stanford University - Jr.


Barbara J. Sanders

Star Route

walker, Minnesota 56484 Macalester College - Soph.

Jose T. Sandoval

605 South 22nd Street

Donna, iexas 78537

Pan American College - Soph.

Ladislao Santiago

727 158th Street #21

New York, New York 10456 Wesleyan University - Soph.

Martin J. Sepulveda

442 Bolton Avenue

Bronx, New York 10472 Wesleyan University - Soph.

Melanie L. Simpson

760 Park Avenue #l2M Brooklyn, New York 112i» Ithaca College - Soph.


c1971 Participants

Page 6

Ambrosio A. Solano

813 W. 6th Street

Florence, Colorado 81226 University of Colorado — Fresh.

Curtis L. Spratling

39 Vine Street

Roxbury, Massachusetts 02117 Boston College - Soph.

John W. Summers

P.O. Box 391

Leesville, South Carolina 29070 Benedict College — Jr.

Jose Trevino

614 W. Water

Rio Grand City, Texas 78582 Texas A 8 I University - Soph.

Patricia E. Vanstory

131 Crawford Street ‘ Roxbury, Massachusetts 02121 Brandeis university — Jr.

William H. Vanstory

440 Warren Street

Roxbury, Massachusetts 02121 Brandeis University — Jr.

Mary E. L. Vernon Route 1, Box 46-A Campobello, South Carolina 29322

South Carolina State College - Jr.

Alfredo R. Vigil

1463 40th Street

Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544 University of New Mexico - Soph.

Roland A. Waters

1116 West 4th Street Wilmington, Delaware 19805 Delaware State College — Jr.

Joe C. Williams

P.O. Box 42

Cataula, Georgia 31804 Mercer University - Soph.

Alphonso Willis

Rural Station Box 45 Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39401 Tougaloo College - Fresh.

Hon Hoi Yee

242 Shawmut Avenue

Boston, Massachusetts 02118 Tufts University - Jr.