Letter from Jane Gould to Jackie Greenspon, July 1, 1971, page 2

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          Barnard College 
Columbia University, New York 10027
Placement Office

July 1 , 1371

Mrs. Stuart Greenspon 
1237 Rockrimmon Road
Stamford, Connecticut 06903

Dear Jackie, 

It was good to talk with you on the phone this morning. As I promised I am enclosing the final copy for the Committee ad that will appear in the Alumnae magazine in August. 

The Women's Center is really getting off the ground and we are all excited and eager to see things get started. Catherine Stimpson has agreed to be the temporary director and Annette Baxter, Pat Graham, Ellie Elliott, Barbara Hertz and I will serve on the Executive Committee. 

I have talked with Catherine about the Alumnae Advisory Vocational Committee project on discrimination and showed her the ad. She is enthusiastic and believes that the Committee has an important role to play in the activities of the Women's Center. It was her suggestion that the three of us arrange to meet sometime over the summer to discuss our ideas for a manageable project. I'm sure we all will agree that in order for the project to be meaningful it must be carefully thought through with limits, or we will run the risk of ending up with something diffused and general which simply stirs up a lot of alumnae but will not necessarily accomplish anything. 

Catherine has suggested that we have lunch sometime during the summer, either before July 14th when I take off on a three week vacation or after August 5th. At that time I am sure that we can put our heads together and come up with some very specific guidelines for the Committee project. 

I am delighted that you will write to Annette Niemtzow; her address is 143 Cottage Street, New Haven, Conn. I'm also enclosing Catherine's Task Force report. As you can see, we are in for an exciting year and there is plenty for the Committee to do.