Letter from Martha Peterson to Sheila Levant de Bretteville, June 16, 1971

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June 16, 1971
 (Dictated June 9)
 Dear Mrs. de Bretteville: 
 [handwritten] Sheila Levant '62
 It was so good to meet you in Los Angeles. I was particularly interested in your questions about our Women's Center and what we are doing in that area. 
 I think you mentioned that you would be back here this fall and I encouraged you to stop off for a day at Barnard to meet with our Women's Center committee and find out what they are doing. I hope you will do that. May I suggest that you write directly to Miss Kate Stimpson, an Assistant Professor in English, who is going to chair the Executive Committee for our Women's Center, at least for the fall semester. The committee would like to talk with you and you I think might get some good ideas from them on what we are trying to do. We will also bring you up to date then with our relationships with Columbia. These are going quite well and I hope will be resolved in an amicable manner in the year ahead. 
 I look forward to seeing you on campus. 
 Martha Peterson
 Mrs. Peter de Bretteville
 2901 Waverly Road 
 Los Angeles Calif. 90039 
 b.c.c. Mrs. Hertz
 Mrs. Percival 
 Mrs. Gould 
 Miss Stimpson 
 Miss [McCann]