Report on the conclusions of the Task Force on Barnard and the Educated Woman, 1971, page 11

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Alma Mater, some time ago, in a report on attitudes of seniors toward
alumni, quoted a Simmons student as saying: "I think one of the handicaps
that present alumni organizations face is that they have never been a
vehicle for effecting social change. I think the people who are going
to be entering an alumni organization are going to need an agency through
which they can effect social change." And in addressing an AAUW Convention
in 1969, Barnard's own President Peterson made the same point more succinctly:
"I really must question whether we have contributed, as women, what we
are able to contribute to society... There are unlimited opportunities
for things we should and must do... We need to establish a society in
which... we can move ahead positively and strongly..."

We at Barnard hope that in our efforts to provide opportunities for
women to learn about themselves and their great untapped potential, we
may be taking a meaningful step toward these goals.