Report on the conclusions of the Task Force on Barnard and the Educated Woman, 1971, page 7

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Professor Sanders of our Geology Department has pointed out the acute
intellectual, psychological, and political disadvantages women have in
re-starting their careers in science. The Barnard science departments
might serve as administrative and logistical bases for bringing women
back into the competitive world of research through a program of fellow-
ships. Besides devoting themselves to reading, study and discussions,
participants might operate part-time in teaching labs for undergraduates.

The Women's Center might set up a complaint bureau for alumnae who
discover prejudice in graduate and professional schools. Barnard could
cooperate with other women's colleges in clearing complaints from their
graduates as well. The colleges might then bring concerted pressure
to bear on the offending schools.

We might also organize a committee of lawyers who are Barnard graduates,
which would represent Barnard alumnae and other women in selected cases
of job discrimination.

A resource file can be set up, drawn from the large group of New York
alumnae and other women who exemplify a variety of patterns of life. Theses