Report on the conclusions of the Task Force on Barnard and the Educated Woman, 1971, page 3

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          of vital concern to a wide cross-section of our graduates.

We offered a varied and serious two-day program. Author-alumna
Elizabeth Janeway discussed her new book, "Man's World, Woman's Place";
Professor of Education Patricia Graham spoke on women in academe; a report
was given on the vocational achievements and concerns of the Class of 1965;
Congressman Jonathan Bingham described legislative changes of concern to
women; a panel of alumnae discussed the psychological stresses on women
in our society; and career workshops were offered in the arts, business
and science. Next fall our Alumnae Council too will focus on how the
new feminism is changing education at Barnard.

This year we have also been engaged in an in-depth study of how
Barnard could best respond to these new challenges. A Task Force on
Barnard and the Educated Woman, with trustees, faculty, alumnae, students
and administrators represented, has been exploring such basic questions
as the extent of our responsibilities to women beyond our own students
and alumnae, and what we can or ought to do to show our students what it
means to be an educated woman in contemporary America.