Women's Work and Women's Studies 1971 Questionnaire, Mary Daly, 1972, page 6

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          Boston College
Department of Theology
Spring, 1972
Theology 195-- Dr. Mary Daly

Women's Liberation and the Church

Reading list

I. Books
A. Presupposed background reading
Millett, Kate. Sexual Politics. Doubleday
Daly, Mary. The Church and the Second Sex. Harper and Row.
B. Required
Doeley, Sarah Bentley, ed. Women's liberation and the Church.
Association Press.
Ermarth, Margaret Sittler. Adam's Fractured Rib. Fortress.
Freire, Paulo. Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Herder and Herder.
Tillich, Paul. Love, Power, and Justice. Galaxy.
Roszak, Theodore. The Making of a Counter Culture. Doubleday.
C. Suggested but not required theological materials
Tillich; Paul. Readings from Systematic Theology, vol III.
Moltmann, Jurgen. Readings from Theology of Hope.
Marty, M. and Peerman, D., editors. Readings from New Theology
Number Five.

II. Articles
Daly, Mary."Abortion and Sexual Caste" (Commonweal, Feb. 4, 1972)
_____. "After the Death of God the Father" (Commonweal, March 12,
_____. "The Courage to See" (Christian Century, Sept. 22, 1971)
Ruether, Rosemary Radford. "Male Chauvinist Theology and the Anger
of Women" (Cross Currents, Spring, 1971)
Articles by Mary Daly (“The Spiritual Revolution"), Janice
Raymond, Elizabeth Farians, Nelle Morton in Andover Newton
Quarterly, March, 1972.

III. Useful anthologies
Morgan, Robin. Sisterhood is Powerful. Random House.
Roszak, Betty and Theodore. Masculine/Feminine. Harper.

Course requirements
Two oral exams and one research paper/project

Office hours
Tuesdays 3-4 and Wednesdays 3:30-4:30, Carney 409

Structure of the Course
Method: Insight into problem -- praxis -- critical reflection
Content: See other sheet.