Women's Work and Women's Studies 1971 Questionnaire, Mary Daly, 1972, page 4

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          Boston College 
Department of Theology 
Fall 1971 
Theology 194-- Dr. Mary Daly 


This course is given to undergraduate students of Boston College and to sem-
inarians and graduate students of the seven theological schools of the Boston
Theological Institute.

The course will be an investigation of how the women's liberation movement can
effect basic changes in religious consciousness and in theological formulations.
Since it will be dealing with new and exploratory concepts, it will have two
aspects. First, there will be some general background on patriarchy, the oppres-
sion of women, and the meaning of women's liberation. Second, there will be an
exploration of the insights emerging from the movement in an effort to see these
in relation to basic theological problems, anticipating the effect these insights
can and should have upon spiritual consciousness. Since there is very little
material yet available on women's liberation in relation to theology, basic the-
oretical readings will in some cases be general readings to be criticized, applied,
or revolutionized within the perspective of liberation. Since the course will
be breaking new ground, its success will depend upon the degree of consciousness
and creativity that the combined resources of professor and students bring to it.
The following outline is subject to minor revision, but gives a general idea of
the structure-of the course.

I. The nature and conditions of patriarchy.
Readings from Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex; Kate Millett,
Sexual Politics

II. Sex role socialization.
Readings from Eleanor Maccoby, The development of sex differences. Also,
Naomi Weisstein, "Kinder, Kuche, Kirche as Scientific Law: Psychology 
Constructs the Female."

III. Christianity as patriarchal religion.
Readings: Mary Daly, The Church and the Second Sex.

IV. Theoretical basis for change.
Readings: Peter Berger, The Sacred Canopy.

V. Theological Revolution: the problem of God.
Readings: Paul Tillich, The Courage to Be; Mary Daly, "After the Death
of God the Father," Commonweal, March 12, 1971; Mary Daly, "The Courage
to See," The Christian Century, Sept. 1971

VI. Theological revolution: The myth of the Fall.
Readings from Paul Tillich, Systematic Theology, Vol. II; Thomas Szasz,
The Manufacture of Madness. Articles from Notes on the Second Year:
Carol Hanisch, "The Personal is Political;" hathie Sarachild, "A Pro-
gram for Feminist Consciousness-Raising;“ Irene Peslikis, ”Resistances
to Consciousness;" Jennifer Gardiner, "False Consciousness;" Pamela
Kearon, "Man-hating."

VII. Theological Revolution: Christian symbols.
Readings from Paul Tillich, Dynamics of Faith. Leonard Swidler, "Jesus
was a Feminist," Catholic World, Jan. 1971.