Women's Work and Women's Studies 1971 Questionnaire, Mary Daly, 1972, page 1

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Chestnut Hill , Massachusetts 02167


May 20, 1972

The Women's Center
Barnard College
606 West 120th Street
New York, New York 10027

Dear Sisters:

In response to your inquiry, I am enclosing course calendars
for the courses in Women's Studies which I gave this year.
The course calendars indicate the publications that I have
produced in recent years on this subject. I am also enclosing
a brief outline of the book which I am now writing entitled, 
Beyond God the Father. I think that the enclosures are self-

I understand that you recently sent out a questionnaire to
people involved in Women's Studies. I may have received this
but I am unable to find it among my unanswered mail. If you
wish to send another copy, I will attempt to fill it out and
return it.

Best Wishes.


Mary Daly

P.S. An individual whose work should be included is
Janice Raymond who did an M.A. thesis on "Nuns and Women's
Liberation." This is an excellent and ground-breaking work.
She has also done other articles on Women's liberation.
She may be reached at 202 First Ave., East Greenwich, R.I. 02818
Also a number of students in my courses have done some extremely
interesting projects. These include research papers, films, ‘
tapes, and a feminist non-liturgy. If you wish, I can send
you Xeroxed copies of the more outstanding papers.
Also note the enclosed program of the AAR meeting on Women
and Religion.

My apologies for being remiss in not responding to your first
sending of the questionnaire.