Letter from Elly Elliott to Barbara Hertz, 1971

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Women's Center 
 *(Mary Vincent) 
 Dear Barbara, 
 Here with a letter to Ms. Benson*. I will call Helene Kaplan or write a less formal note. Have you or [Ellis] any others to suggest? As you see I am asking about a MEETING, not joining a committee. I think we need to DISCUSS plans with lawyers before setting up a committee, don't you? 
 p.s. I will also get in touch with Bobbie Klein ("our" Jerome's little girl - "my daughter, the lawyer) who is in some hot shot firm, and, as I recall, is very attractive. She is very young but I think for that reason too she might be interested. However, if you know of another YOUNG lawyer fine. I am hoping for no [Anne] Applebaum's at this stage!