Memo from Patricia Graham to Martha Peterson, regarding Arden House conference on "Women's Challenge to Management," October 19, 1971

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JCT£é}3§7i TCL Martha Peterson (K p - . jg * . FRONL atricia Alhjerg Graham J; , Arden House conference on "Women's Challenge to |DATEg9ct. 19, 1971



As you know, I attended the Arden House conference on Women's Challenge to Management“ from Wednesday, October 13 to Saturday, October 16. It was an interesting time, although not, I think, earth-shaking in any of the ideas that were raised. ‘

Probably most valuable was the opportunity to meet again Phyllis Whllace, a black PhD in economics from Yale who is currently vice- president for reserch at Metropolitan Afiplied Research ”ouncil.

She was formerly in the government with EEOC, I believe. She is one of a very rare breed, I think, alert and intelligent black women who are concerned both about their race and their sex. Dick Lester, an the Dean of ”acu1ty at Princeton tried to recruit her as a full professor of ficonomics at Princeton two years ago when I was there (and when I first met her) but she had just arrived at MARC and

was not interested in moving at that time. She did indicate to

me at Arden house, though, that shevvas very interested in the Barnard Women's “enter and would love to come up to Barnard some time to ,meet,informal1y with students and with the "grown ups"

at the "omen s Center. Whether or not she would be appropriate

as a possible Director for the Women's “enter, I'm not sure,

but I do think that she is a person with whom we should be

better acquainted.

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