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5 January 1972

Ma. Dorothy Davis

4.0 Ridge Roan!

nurse Lakes

Bloomingdale, Raw Jersey OM03

Dear Ms . Davis:

as. Percival of the Alumnae office has referred to me your
Letter of 16 mwmlaer. I don’: lcnme of any publications which
describe financial aid available to women who wish to con-
tinue their education part-timae.

If you are interested in attending law school, however, I suggest
you éantact tbs schools you may be interested in dire-.-ctly and ask
them what their policies are on gsart-the atufiy and that financial
aid tlwy might have available, either specifically for women in
your situation or for part-«tints study in general.

Many of the 12:» schools also have Womaxfls Law Groups and you
might contact chem directly also for information about the
kincts of programs they may  trying to get established at 
theit schools. l ‘
I "wish you luck in your efforts.

Mary waxford Scotti
Administrative Coordinator