Letter from Alice Richmond to Catharine Stimpson, November 30, 1971, page 1

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9 Adams Terrace - Apt. 2
Cambridge, Massachusetts
November 30. 12971


Ms. Catherine Stimpson
c/o Barnard Woments Center
Barnard Hall

Columbia University

New York, New York

Dear Ms. Stimpson.

I recently read about you and your organization
in the New York Tings. Unfortunately, had I been
a little more organized, I would.have written you .
as soon as I saw the article. My name is Alice Richmond
and I will be visiting the Columbia/Barnard Campus
this thursday evening and Friday morning to "recruit"
for Harvard Law School where I am presently a third
year student.

I come as a representative of the women's Law
Association; but. as so often happens these days,
the admissions office here feels that it is reverse
"discrimination" for me to talk Just with women about
legal careers. So I have to address all Columbia
students--both male an female. The problem with this
is that Columbia College men--Just like men almost
everywhere that I have visited-—want to know how to
change their entire personalities in the next six
weeks so that Harvard will "accept" them; in other
words, they really donft heed “recruiting” --whether
to be lawyers or to come to Harvard. The women, on
the other hand, often want to know if they should go
to ANY law school~- whether it's worth the pain to
be a womQn_lawyer. To that question, I generally answer
a qualified "yes," but the real difficulty is that I
don't usually get a chance to talk with undecided women.
I simply too busy listening to the men. —

V ;

And the aforementioned problem is the reason that
I hm writing you and the reason why I wish that I had
done so last week. I would very much appreciate it
if sometime on Friday of this week (December 3) or Monday
of next wehk (December 6), ou might be able to arrange
a meeting at your center wi h women who are thinking
about pursuing legal careers. I am NOT so concerned
whether these women want. or are able, to come to Harvard.
There are certainly many other fine law schools-- maybe
on balance far better than ole Mother Haarvaard. The