Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Carol Ahlum, July 28, 1971

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July 23, 1971

Ms. Cami Ahlm 1013 N. Pleasant Itra-at Amherst, I-Iauachnutts 05002


1138!’ Ha. Ahlum:

Iwasgladtoreadthatll‘ 193 Ilisgoingtobe published.

Barnard is now offering alcven courses in woman’; Studial, a not of which is enclooad. we are also cu-gautzing a women‘: centar, of which I am the acting dtrcctor until a permanent director in Sound. The purpooc of the Center, for which I have extramcly high hopan, is to at up a dialogue about the place and potential of women in contemporary society, to create an service: for women outsiéa of college, and to try to provide fresh insights for uonun undergraduates about what: it means to be a woman in modern America.

A brochure, which describes the aims of the enter in more detail, is at the press. Vhed,tt is ready, I shall see that both you and Flnmncc get a copy.


Catherine R. Stimpaon

Assistant Professor of English

fihaitman, Executive comictee of the Women‘: Canter

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