Letter from Deborah Spitz, July 16, 1971

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/M I FEMALE STUDIES PROGRAM  { Z._.... Cornell University "”‘""”""‘

120 E RAND HALL, ITHACA, N. Y. 14850 Tel: 607 256-3937


July 16 , 1971

Dear Friend:

The Cornell University Female Studies Program is in jeopardy. We ask for your support.

In the year and a half that the Cornell program has been in existence it has received national attention as 5 leader in the fastwgrowing field of Female Studies. Our program has offered five different courses to over 700 students. Last year, enrollment in Female Studies courses exceeded 500. In addition, students have worked on independent projects in the Female Studies area. The Female Studies Program also sponsors research and has participated in comunity programs. .we enclose a brochure describing our courses and program in greater detail.

In order to continue to develop courses, generate research and seek long—term funding, the Female Studies Program needs money for a director. The program has anproached several large foundations, but so far has re- ceived no grants. And although‘ Cornell President Dale Corson praised the Female Studies program in his 1971 commencement address as one of the things that have made Cornell better, the university itself has not met the program's need for money.

We ask that those interested in the growth of Female. Studies nationally and the continuing development of the Cornell University program vrite a letter to President Carson in support of our program urging that we be given adequate funds to continue.

.Thank you for your support.


 Deborah Spitz, Coordinator Female»Studies